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Street Fighter League Japan Day 9 Recap

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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Street Fighter League Japan Day 9 Recap
One day of games left and we should know who is knocked out and who makes the playoffs now

Street Fighter League Day 9 is the penultimate day before the final match day where the playoff teams are locked in. Shinobism are still fighting for survival while CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming are also looking to make it out. 

The day's matches went like this:

  • Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto vs Shinobism Gaming 
  • CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming vs Detonation FocusMe 
  • Gyogun vs FAV Gaming  



Match Results 

  • Nemo (JP) 0 - Yamaguchi (Dee Jay) 2
  • Higuchi (Guile) 2 - Johnny (Marisa) 1
  • Shuto (Marisa) 2 - Fujimura (Ken) 3

Shinobism have been in dire straits for most of the second stage and with the threat of missing out on the playoff spots, they have rallied round to make things work defeating Gyogun last time around and now also getting the win against Sainshunkan Sol. This was only made possible by the hard work of Fujimura who was in the anchor spot to defeat Shuto. He started so well winning two straight games and threatening to run riot on Shuto, but a fantastic comeback saw Shuto almost clinch it for his team. In the penultimate round, Shuto dropped a combo which allowed Fujimura to win the round and by the second round, Fujimura grew in confidence to win. 

Thanks to Yamaguchi's win over Nemo earlier, this meant that Shinobism won again, 30-10. 

Final Scores

Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto (10) VS Shinobism (30)



Match Results 

  • Fenritti (JP) 1 - Fuudo (Dee Jay) 2
  • Kazunoko (Cammy) 0 - Itabashi Zangief (Marisa) 2
  • Go1 (Chun li) 2 - John Takeuchi (Rashid) 3

So...CYCLOPS  Athlete Gaming are  a team that are either incredible or hapless. Unfortunately, today was not a good day for CYCLOPS as Deetonation FocusMe won the match 40-0 with wins for Fuudo, Itazan and John Takeuchi. With this result, they are almost certainly missing out on the playoffs. Fuudo went up first against Fenritti winning that before Itazan with the Modern Marisa defeated the in-form Kazunoko. 

Go1 had the chance to win against John Takeuchi and even won two games straight. But John Takeuchi was able to find a way back and win the set. 

Final Scores

CAG (0) VS Detonation FocusMe (40)



Match Results 

  • Machabo (Ken) 2 - Ryusei (JP) 1
  • Mago (Juri) 0 - Tokido (Ken) 2
  • Moke (Chun li) 0 - Bonchan (Luke) 3

FAV Gaming lost the top spot briefly to Detonation FocusMe, but they stole it right back with a roaring 30-10 win over Gyogun who have now lost two matches in a row meaning  that they are falling a little lower in the table. 

Bonchan was on hand to win the points for his team defeating Moke 3-0. Sako was unavailable due to an illness, but the team was just fine without him and they look like they will be in top spot when the playoffs come around. 

Street Fighter League Japan Stage 2 Day 9 Table

Rank Team Scores
1 FAV Gaming 245
2 Detonation FocusMe  220
3 Saishunkan Sol  190
4 Gyogun 175
5 CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming  140
6 Shinobism Gaming 135


This means that Shinobism are out of the running and CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming are also almost certainly out. To make it, they will need to win 40-0 and hope that Gyogun lose a third match in a row and lose it 40-0 to have any chance of qualification. 

The next set of matches and the last for the regular season are:

  • CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming vs Gyogun
  • FAV Gaming vs Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto
  • Shinobism Gaming vs Detonation FocusMe

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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