Smug Wins Capcom Pro Tour North America East 2

Aug 31 20202 min
In this online qualifier, we’ve got another participant of Capcom Cup 2020

Most regions in the series Capcom Pro Tour have two events, so Street Fighter V players can try their luck and prove their skills twice. For the Western part of North America, the first such tournament happened on August 15-16, where Nephew became the winner and Punk surprisingly lost in the Top 16 part. Esports fighting professionals from the Eastern North America played their first CPT on June 20-21, and DR Mandrake claimed the victory. The final qualifier for this region took place on August 29-30. Have you watched it?

There were 348 attendees at this tournament. The initial pools helped to select Top 16 among them, who fought for the places in the Top 8 part.

North America East 2 Capcom Pro Tour - Top 16


Bryant “Smug” Huggins won his Top 16 match against Chakotay “ElChakotay” Andrich. In the Top 8 Winners bracket he defeated Danny “Danslip” Ortiz in the Semi-Final (3:0), and Sean “Shine” Simpson in Final and Grand Final (3:2 and 3:1).

Street Fighter 5: CPT North America East 2 - Top 8

Top 8 players of this SFV tournament are:

  • 1. Bryant “Smug” Huggins (RISE) - Balrog / G
  • 2. Sean “Shine” Simpson (END) - Ibuki / Juri
  • 3. Chris “CJ Truth” Jayson - Cammy
  • 4. Du “NuckleDu” Dang (Cleo) - Guile / G / Cammy
  • 5. Terrence “Terrence” Mikell - Chun-Li
  • 5. Danny “danslip” Ortiz - Cammy
  • 7. Kyle “Brutus” Gallant - Zangief / Abigail
  • 7. Rob “RobTV” Burney (Crescent) - Karin / Guile / Chun-Li


The next tournament of the Capcom Pro Tour series is planned for September 12-13 - in Europe East and Middle East 2. This qualifier returns to North America West on November 21-22.

Meanwhile, the whole community anticipates the addition of new characters to Street Fighter V. Will they be able to shake the balance?

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