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Smash Ultimate: Pokémon Trainer - Squirtle Guide

Smash Ultimate: Pokémon Trainer - Squirtle Guide

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Bring the power of water into your fight! This creature is the smallest one for Pokémon Trainer, and still, Squirtle can be of very good use in SSBU.

Pokémon are almost perfect characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These creatures like to fight in their core role-playing games and use various impressive attacks, which can be easily transferred to SSBU. 

We have already posted on DashFight a moves guide on Incineroar, a Pokémon from the Sun/Moon games. And now, we are going to take a closer look at an even more iconic creature - Squirtle. This water-type cutie is part of the three-fighter army of Smash Ultimate Pokémon Trainer, alongside Ivysaur and Charizard. Each of these Pokémon have their unique moves and combos, so DashFight prepares individual guides for them.

Choose your Starter!

Squirtle is one of the best-known Pokémon (maybe it is not as recognisable as Pikachu though). In the very first game of the series, Pokémon Red/Blue, players start their adventures by choosing their starter Pokémon. This can be:

  • Squirtle (Water Type), who later evolves into Wartortle and then into Blastoise;
  • Bulbasaur (Grass Type), who later evolves into Ivysaur and then into Venusaur;
  • Charmander (Fire Type), who later evolves into Charmeleon and then into Charizard.

Have you noticed the trick? The developers of Super Smash Bros. give Pokémon Trainer three creatures from this starting gang. Each of them is of a different evolution stage, so during a fight, you can summon a small and quick one, a medium-sized and a bit stronger, or a huge and super-powerful. Squirtle is that small, quick, and not-so-mighty guy.

Another starter Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Greninja from Pokémon X/Y.

Pokémon Trainer in the Super Smash Bros. series

Considering the popularity of the Pokémon games, it was inevitable for Masahiro Sakurai to add Pokémon Trainer to the roster. But the idea of having a three-in-one character was too ambitious for the original game Super Smash Bros. 64 and even for the sequel - Melee. Squirtle and his friend made their first appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii consoles.

Then again, we had a game without these fighters - Super Smash Bros 4 (for Wii U and 3DS). With the promise “Everyone is here”, the community got the Pokémon trio back. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pokémon Trainer has improved visuals and some adjustments in the moveset.

Smash Ultimate Pokémon Trainer Guide

On the one hand, using this character is quite a good idea (especially if you like Pokémon). You choose a boy or a girl, who do nothing and just observe the fight (so, with other SSBU characters, you control the fighter, but here you control a trainer who controls the fighter - a bit confusing, isn’t it?). Then you have three playable creatures with different characteristics for different situations. And here comes the other hand - the situations during your fights change with the lightning speed, so you should know attacks and features of all three Pokémon perfectly well and feel who and when to choose.

So, is Pokémon Trainer good in Smash Ultimate? The answer strongly depends on your skills and dedication. First, take your time to practice with each Pokémon. And only then start actively changing them during a fight.

Squirtle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The smallest creature in the trio is really fast, but his attacks are not very effective. Even with a high percentage on the opponent, his Smash attacks may not lead to the victory. Also, the recovery options for Squirtle are not the best, so it would be better to not jump far away from the platforms.

You can use Squirtle against other fast fighters (such as Sonic) to keep up with the game pace and deal initial damage. Or you can choose the water guy for fights against heavy characters (such as Bowser) and play the speed as your advantage.

Attacks of Squirtle has small numbers of frames for the starter stages. One of the best features of this character is the possibility to change direction of jumps - even after landing his attacks.

Basic Attacks of Squirtle - Pokémon Trainer SSBU

  • Jab - Squirtle performs a fast series of hits with his hand, foot, and tail. The first one has only two frames startup, so you have pretty good chances to land this punch.
  • Dash Attack - Squirtle jumps forward and attacks the opponent with both feet.
  • Forward Tilt is an attack with the tail. Squirtle moves a bit forward but then he turns around and stretches his tail to deal the damage. 
  • Up Tilt is a headbutt attack with a small jump.
  • Down Tilt is a swipe with the tail.

Air Attacks of Pokémon Trainer - Squirtle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Neutral Air - Squirtle jumps and spins in the air.
  • Forward Air - the Pokémon performs a two feet attack.
  • Back Air - it’s a quick reversal and a hit with the tail. Squirtle deals an additional damage while landing.
  • Up Air is a somersault, so Squirtle is able to attack with his tail. It’s a good anti-air option.
  • Down Air is one of the most effective attacks of Squirtle, it deals a significant amount of damage. Squirtle spins with his tails stretched downwards.

Special Attacks - Pokémon Trainer Smash Ultimate guide

  • Neutral Special - Water Gun. The Pokémon spits water. Charge this Squirtle SSBU attacks to give it additional power. Many players use Water Gun to push opponents away from the platform when they are trying to recover.
  • Side Special - Withdraw. Squirtle hides in the shell and spins around, damaging the opponent.
  • Up Special - Waterfall. Your fighter goes up the stream of water, dealing damage on the way.
  • Down Special - Pokémon Change. Use this trick to change Squirtle to Ivysaur. For a while, your fighter will be invulnerable. You can come up with great ideas for Smash Bros Ultimate Pokémon Trainer combos thanks to this feature.

Smash Attacks - Squirtle SSBU Pokémon Trainer

  • Forward Smash - it’s another quite effective attack of Pokémon Trainer Squirtle, so you can knock out the opponent. It rarely leads to KO, but you can prevent returning by using the chargeable Water Gun.
  • Up Smash is a kind of uppercut. Try and use this attack on a significantly damaged opponent to get a KO.
  • Down Smash - Squirtle spins and hits his opponents on both sides.

Pokémon Trainer Squirtle Final Smash

  • Triple Finish - regardless of your active creature, Pokémon Trainer summons all three Pokémon, who perform their powerful attacks simultaneously.

We continue this Pokémon trainer guide with the article about other two creatures:

Practice a lot, and you will learn lots of tricks in playing these characters and performing awesome Pokémon Trainer combos. DashFight is here to help you to master the game! Check out our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide for beginners

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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