Smash Ultimate: Incineroar Guide - Combos, Moves and How to Play

Smash Ultimate: Incineroar Guide - Combos, Moves and How to Play

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Unleash the power of this amazing fire cat! Learn his attacks and let them bring you many victories in SSBU.

Do you like Pokémon? These fantastic creatures originate in the super popular role-playing series. Trainers collect them to their Pokédex, and Pokémon enjoy fighting each other, using both simple attacks and breathtaking moves. Obviously. they are very good characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And Incineroar is one of the most impressive Pokémon fighters in the game.

Of course, to play Incineroar Smash, you should practice a lot, remember all the moves, practice, learn powerful combos, and… have we mentioned practice?

This SSBU guide on DashFight gives some info on the personality of Incineroar and describes his move set. Previously, we published such a guide on another Pokémon, Greninja

Incineroar Smash Ultimate - a fiery cat from Pokémon Sun and Moon

A bit of Incineroar’s background will definitely be useful for dedicated players - it’s nice to know your fighter better. 

So, if you ever played a Pokémon game, you know how everything starts there. You, as a trainer, get your starter Pokémon, choosing from three creatures: Grass, Water, or Fire type (or electric Pikachu in one game). Then you develop your starter, make it stronger, and soon the creature evolves, turning into another Pokémon of the same family. (Are you still here? We will have the part about Incineroar very soon). Starter Pokémon has two stages of such evolution. And Incineroar is the second, final one for a starter Pokémon from the games Pokémon Sun and Moon.

First, Pokémon trainers get Litten. Then they evolve this kitty into Torracat, which later evolves into the beast-like Incineroar.

The Super Smash Bros. series has been offering Pokémon in the roster since the very first game. But Incineroar is a new creature. His original appearance was only in 2016, and it’s quite natural for the fiery cat to be a newcomer to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was released in 2018.

It’s quite interesting that Incineroar was revealed in one trailer with Ken from Street Fighter V.


Smash Ultimate Incineroar Guide

This Pokémon is quite big and that’s why he is a bit slow in the splashy fights of SSBU (almost an opposite to very fast Captain Falcon).

Smash Incineroar is a wrestler and this strongly affects his attacks. Many animations and attacks definitely can remind players of the battles in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

To compensate for the low speed, the developers made Incineroar very powerful. His hits deal quite a lot of damage - if you can land them. The hardest opponents for the big cat are fast fighters (such as Sonic, for example).


Basic Attacks - how to play Incineroar

  • Jab is one of the quickest attacks of Smash Ultimate Incineroar. The first hit startup is only 5 frames (more details on the Frame Data in SSBU is here). The attack consists of a punch, knee kick, and uppercut.
  • In Dash Attack, Incineroar uses his knee again. This attack can be helpful for covering some distance and reaching the opponent. The Dash Attack finishes a few Incineroar combos.
  • Forward Tilt is a quick hit by a hand. It is quite effective.
  • Up Tilt - a head butt attack. It’s a good anti-air protection
  • Down Tilt - Incineroar swipes with his leg very low.


Air Attacks - Incineroar guide

  • Neutral Air - this is quite a wrestling move. Incineroar jumps with limbs stretched and hits with the whole body.
  • Forward Air - a kick with both legs.
  • Back Air - a back kick.
  • Up Air - a strong overhead kick. Use it as a continuation for any attack when the opponent has been thrown into the air.
  • Down Air - a stamp with two legs. It’s not a powerful attack, but it can be handy outside the platform (which is very risky).


Special Attacks - Incineroar Smash guide

  • Neutral Special - Darkest Lariat. Incineroar starts spinning with hands stretched and ready to hit everyone around. Incineroar Lariat comes from the Pokémon Sun and Moon games. It's also present in Sword/Shield. (It’s interesting that Zangief from Street Fighter 5 also has a Lariat attack)
  • Side Special - Alolan Whip. The cat Pokemon throws his opponent onto ropes (that appear on the stage). The victim bounces back, and it’s up to you how to use Incineroar Side B - you should be ready to meet the opponent with timely pressed B. The Incineroar Side B timing is crucial, so you better practice to land the second hit properly.
  • Up Special - Cross Chop. Incineroar jumps up and then diagonally down. His landing causes an explosion. This attack from Incineroar moveset Smash is often used as a recovery option.
  • Down Special - Revenge. Incineroar Down B allows absorbing the power of the opponent’s attacks.


Smash Attacks - Incineroar Smash moveset

  • Forward Smash is a very powerful kick. Incineroar even falls after performing it, so the recovery period is rather long.
  • Up Smash - Incineroar Ultimate hits his victim with two fists and throws the opponent into the air. The attack is a bit similar to a mighty uppercut.
  • Down Smash - the cat jumps a bit up and then falls onto the opponent, smashing them with his body.


Incineroar Final Smash

  • Max Malicious Moonsault - this finishing move nicely reflects the wrestling nature of Incineroar (if you need anything in addition to his posing habits in between attacks). The cat Pokémon grabs the victim, throws them up, hits in the air a few times, and then slams into the platform. Everything happens with Incineroar surrounded by flames, so this attack is quite impressive.

Incineroar Combos in Smash Ultimate

This fire Pokémon definitely has significant strength to deal damage by individual attacks, but of course, the effect will be much better with chaining them into each other.

Here are some bread and butter SSBU combos for Incineroar. Bring them into your game and then build even more impressive combinations upon this basis.

Down Throw is a good combo starter for Incineroar.

  • Down Throw -> Up Air
  • Down Throw -> Forward Air
  • Down Throw -> Up B
  • Down Throw -> Darkest Lariat
  • Down Throw -> Dash Attack -> Darkest Lariat

You can get a similar effect with Down Tilt as a combo starter.

  • Down Tilt -> Up Air
  • Down Tilt -> Neutral Air
  • Down Tilt -> Forward Air
  • Down Tilt -> Darkest Lariat (with low percent)
  • Down Tilt -> Up Tilt

Experiment with these combinations to get more out of them. For example, try to repeat Down Throw after Up/Forward Air, or bring Back Air.

You can start a combo with Neutral Air, Up Smash, and Up Tilt.

  • Neutral Air -> Dash Attack
  • Neutral Air -> Jab
  • Neutral Air -> Down Tilt
  • Neutral Air -> Up Tilt
  • Neutral Air -> Dash Attack
  • Up Smash -> Up Air
  • Up Smash -> Down Tilt -> Up Air
  • Up Tilt -> Darkest Lariat 
  • Up Tilt -> Neutral Air (and other air attacks)


Many SSBU players consider Incineroar quite accessible, so it can be recommended even for beginners. Play this fighter carefully outside the platform. Consider his slow speed and take advantage of his strength. 

If you want to play this fighter really good, check out our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guide for Beginners (and of course, practice more… seriously).

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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