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Smash Ultimate: Pokémon Trainer - Ivysaur Guide

Smash Ultimate: Pokémon Trainer - Ivysaur Guide

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Use this creature as a bit more powerful fighter than Squirtle in the arsenal of Pokémon Trainer

Ivysaur is not an individual fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He is part of the three-creature team of Pokémon Trainer - and quite a decent part indeed. His power is not as big as of Charizard and he is a bit slower than Squirtle. Often, players summon this Pokémon after dealing enough damage with the weakest but very quick turtle but before trying to finish the opponent with the super-strong but rather slow dragon.

Would you like to master Smash Ultimate Pokémon Trainer? Then you should learn how to play Ivysaur! And this SSBU guide on DashFight explains the basics.

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Grass type starter 

Pokémon Trainer SSBU is a unique character. In all the other cases, you choose a fighter and then control them in a match. This is true for all the other Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Incineroar, Pikachu, Pichu, Greninja, Mewtwo, and Jigglypuff. But when you choose Pokémon Trainer, you can summon these three creatures:

  • Squirtle - the water type starter from the original game Pokémon Red/Blue;
  • Ivysaur - the first evolution of the grass type starter Bulbasaur from  Red/Blue;
  • Charizard - the second evolution of the fire type starter Charmander from the same game.

So, these three Pokémon are of different types and evolution stages. You can switch between them freely during a match (Down Smash), and this possibility opens many interesting game strategies.

On the other hand, to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pokémon Trainer effectively, you should learn all three creatures. Practice makes perfect! Train with each Pokémon, take them to many fights, and soon you’ll notice how your skills improve and you earn better Global Smash Power.

DashFight already has a guide on Squirtle - check out the general description of this fighter and discover his moveset.

Smash Ultimate Pokémon Trainer guide - Ivysaur

In his original role-playing games, Ivysaur is a grass/poison type Pokémon. This means that he takes his power from plants and can poison opponents with vegetable matter. Ivysaur has a flower on his back. He uses it for attacking and spreading poison. The next stage of his evolution, Venusaur, has this flower fully opened.

Animations of Ivysaur in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate strongly resemble the original moveset of this creature. Thanks to that plant, Ivysaur has a good attack range. His power is not devastating but it definitely can significantly increase the percentage number of your opponent. Ivysaur has a few multi-hitting attacks, and they are quite effective.

Recovery options of Ivysaur are tricky, and you should pay special attention to training them - mostly because the creature must face the platform to grab the ledge with his vines (Up B).

Many players consider Ivysaur strong against such fighters as Little Mac, King Dedede, and Bowser. In the group of unfavorable matches for this Pokémon, you’ll meet Palutane, Mega Man, and Young Link.

Basic Attacks of Ivysaur - Pokémon Trainer Smash Ultimate guide

  • Jabs of Ivysaur activate hits with vines. You can rapidly press A and make a series of very fast attacks. 
  • Dash Attack - Ivysaur jumps towards the opponent and hits him with the whole body. This attack has a pretty big number of frames in the active stage.
  • Forward Tilt - the plant on the Ivysaur’s back spins quickly and the leaves hit the opponent.
  • Up Tilt - thanks to the long vines, Ivysaur stretches up and hits the opponent with the legs.
  • Down Tilt - it’s a hit with the vines. They are directed a bit downwards.

Air Attacks - Pokémon Trainer with Ivysaur

  • Neutral Air - Ivusars starts spinning his plant so the leaves damage the opponent multiple times (very similar to Forward Tilt). This attack is present in many Smash Bros Ultimate Pokémon Trainer combos.
  • Forward Air - it’s a hit with both vines that stretch at a big distance. 
  • Back Air - the Pokémon turns around and makes two hits with his vine.
  • Up Air - the flower on Ivysaur’s back springs and makes a hit upwards.
  • Down Air - it’s a very effective attack. Ivysaur creates a sort of energy ray that damages opponents without even fine aiming.

Special Attacks - Pokémon Trainer guide with Ivysaur

  • Neutral Special - Bullet Seed. The Pokémon hits the opponent and launches them in the air. Then he shoots a few dangerous bullet-seeds from his flower. This attack deals big damage.
  • Side Special - Razor Leaf. Ivysaur shoots a spinning leaf. It covers a big distance, but in the end, this “missile” changes direction a bit and flies up. 
  • Up Special - Vine Whip. Vines of Ivysaur’s plant hit right above the creature. Use it as an anti-air attack/protection. Up B is also a recovery trick, because Ivysaur grabs the edge with them.
  • Down Special - Pokémon Change. Use it to replace Ivysaur with Charizard. For a short time, the fire dragon is invulnerable.

Smash Attacks of Ivysaur

  • Forward Smash - Ivysaur makes a dash towards the opponent, hits them with his head, and then returns back, thanks to his vines that hold the ground. This is a middle-long range attack.
  • Up Smash - your Pokémon make an energy attack with his whole body that launches the opponent in the air. It may be a good starter for a combo.
  • Down Smash - it’s an attack with two vines that damages on both sides.

Pokémon Trainer Ivysaur Final Smash

  • Triple Finish - all the creatures of Pokémon Trainer gather together to perform their super-powerful common attack.

To master Pokémon Trainer combos, you should learn each attack separately and then try to link them. Experiment with your favorite fighter and you’ll discover new amazing battle tricks - and thus, you’ll find your own answer to the question “Is Pokémon Trainer good in Smash Ultimate?”

Pokémon Trainer with Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard are available in two games of the series - Super Smash Bros. Brawl and (of course) SSBU. More info on the whole franchise can be found in our article Ultimate Story of the Super Smash Bros. Series.

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