SFV: Champion Edition tier list by Rohto|Tokido

Jul 16 20201 min
SFV: Champion Edition tier list by Rohto|Tokido
We have another look at the fighters.

Probably, every player has their own opinion on the powers and weaknesses of characters in Street Fighter 5. Of course, the community listens carefully only to those who have achieved some meaningful results in this fighting.

Eventhubs reports that one such guy, Rohto|Tokido, was on a stream recently and talked about his tier list in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Here it is in the picture:

Rashid, Abigail, and Kolin are among the strongest here. Poison, Karin, Gill, and Barlog are in the middle group. Tokido considers Alex and Ryu not so powerful fighters.

Probably, you can check this info during professional matches of Capcom Pro Tour 2020. Or of course, during your own game.

You can also check out SFV tier list by Brian F.

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