Balrog Match Up Chart by Brian F - Street Fighter V

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Balrog Match Up Chart by Brian F - Street Fighter V
With whom the fighter is in his full power?

Each character in Street Fighter V (and in any fighting game) changes your whole attitude to the playing process and the general atmosphere in matches. That’s why knowing different guys and having experience with them is quite significant for good fighting gamers. And who knows the features of fighters and their advantages/weaknesses better than professional esports players? It’s always a good opportunity to learn from them!

Brian F from EQNX Gaming has revealed his match up chart for Barlog. You can check out his explanation on this video:

It seems like quite a lot of characters have an advantage over Barlog. For example, they are Akuma, Ibuki, Rashid, Urien, Laura, and Kolin.

The following (and some other) fighters are weak against Barlog: Dhalsim, Guile, Sagat, and Menat.

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