SFV Season 5 Tier List by Brian F

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SFV Season 5 Tier List by Brian F
He’s selected some of the best, normal, and worst fighters. Do you agree?

Brian F, a professional SFV player from the organization EQNX Gaming, has shared his tier list for the Season 5. The fighters are divided into eight groups: from the best in S+ to rather bad in C-.

Of course, this is just an opinion of one guy, so let’s not take it personally. Check out the list on the picture above, and if you want to share some thoughts, you can do this directly under the tweet of Brian F.

It’s interesting to notice how the guy has put his own favorite character in Street Fighter V, Barlog, to B+ group. Probably, this is a good message that in skilled hands any disadvantages of a fighter can be overcome.

For example, if you like playing as Ken, you can check out this guide on DashFight to try and get many victories - even if this fighter is in B-.

Or maybe you want to prove Brain F wrong by playing as Alex? Then check out his match up chart by Gunfight.

We also have a nice guide on a very good fighter from this SFV tier list - Chun Li.