Gunfight reveals his match up chart for Alex in SFV

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Gunfight reveals his match up chart for Alex in SFV
Know your strengths and weaknesses while playing for this fighter

It’s quite a rare occasion to see this guy at professional tournaments (such as Capcom Pro Tour), and still, there are quite a few players who choose Alex over all the other fighters. He is not an easy character to get victories with, so it takes a lot of dedication to master his style.

One of those who know Alex very well is Benoit “Gunfight” Arquilla. And he is eager to share his enthusiasm for the fighter with the whole community. In a tweet, Gunfight has shared his match up chart for Alex and called it “optimistic.”

Take a look at the chart in the picture above. Do you agree with Gunfight? Does the chart motivate you to take Alex into your matches? Maybe, it will help to improve your SFV online rank.

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