Rookie Grand Slam - a European Tourney for Beginners in SF5

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Rookie Grand Slam - a European Tourney for Beginners in SF5
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If you want to prove your skills at an event with not that powerful opponents

Fighting esports is super exciting. Imagine you are a well-known player and participate in such tournaments as Capcom Cup or WePlay Dragon Temple! This fantasy may certainly become real if you take specific steps in this direction. One of them is getting experience of playing at real tournaments - surviving that pressure and succeeding in many fights.

The problem is that most tournaments are open for players of all levels, and the beginners just don’t have a chance to reach the final stages. The event organizer BCN Fighters from Barcelona, Spain, has an interesting idea of starting a tournament for rookies in Street Fighter 5. The event has quite a clear name - Rookie Grand Slam

It is planned for January 12-13. The official page on has a Spanish description, but with an online translator, you will easily get the rules (and you definitely don’t need one to register).

The most important rule here is to be of a starting SF5 online rank throughout all your accounts - from Rookie to Silver. Fair play is always a very good idea!


The tournament is over, and here are the results.

Street Fighter 5 Rookie Grand Slam - Top 8 brackets: