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Next Level Battle Circuit #57: Play Against SFV Pros

3 min

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Next Level Battle Circuit #57: Play Against SFV Pros
It’s one of the most powerful weekly online tournaments, and you have a chance to compete with the biggest names of Street Fighter esports

Many players enjoy watching top-level events and absorb the tricks of talented professionals into their game style. There is a way to boost this process and actually play against those legendary guys. Do you feel ready? Then Next Level Battle Circuit might be a tourney especially for you.

These regular esports events are organized by Team Spooky. It has three divisions:

  • Street Fighter 5 
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • GranBlue Fantasy Versus

The Street Fighter tournament is especially interesting (and not only because we highlight this game on DashFight). Just check out the names of some winners - iDom/iDrop at NLBC #52, Punk at NLBC #50, and Smug at NLBC #44. Would you like to meet them somewhere in brackets?

Next Level Battle Circuit #57 happens on April 15. The tournament has a 64-player cap.


The Street Fighter V tournament of NLBC #57 was a blast (as it was expected). Some really great players participated in the fights, and we could enjoy many brilliant matches.

Next Level Battle Circuit #57 - Street Fighter V Stream

The fight of this event was iDom vs Punk (Pink on the stream). They entered the Winners Semi Finals in parallel brackets. iDom defeated Ramsey (2:1), and Punk won the match against Joey (2:1).

Their Winners Final was very close, full of back-and-forth situations. iDom demonstrated the full power of his Laura in the very last game and won 3:2.

Punk defeated Joey once again, in the Losers Final. His Grand Final match against iDom wasn’t really successful. Of course, it’s not an easy task to beat Punk, but iDom created perfect pressure and managed to land many excellent combos. Who knows, maybe those problems for Punk arose because of his decision to play Gill? The guy took one of his primary characters, Karin, after the second game and immediately got the third one into his score. But that was it. Even a perfect first round of the game three couldn’t save the match - iDom knows Karin, and he knows Punk, so he took those two rounds and won the Grand Final 3:1. Congrats!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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