New Smash DLC Fighters In the Finals of Get Clipped #10

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New Smash DLC Fighters In the Finals of Get Clipped #10
It’s probably the best way to witness the real abilities of the recent additions to the SSBU roster

When a new character is added to a fighting game, the whole community becomes interested in their strengths and the potential to win matches/tournaments. We all jump into the fights to investigate the fresh shades of fighting joy. But what about watching the same fighters in the hands of esports professionals? Those guys can create miracles, so you may learn a trick or two from them.

One such opportunity was quite recently - at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament Get Clipped #10. You can follow the path of Minecraft Alex through the Top 8 Winners bracket and Pyra/Mythra through the Losers Bracket. Could they face each other at the Grand Final? Who won the fight? Here is the stream to enjoy the matches. 


SSBU Esports: Get Clipped #10 - Stream

Markus “ShinyMark” Florido decided to play Pyra/Mythra, having only a few days for training them after the release. The start of this tourney was quite promising, but in the Winners Quarter-Final, ShinyMark played against Jake and lost. 

The following matches were much more successful - ShinyMark even defeated BestNess, the winner of Get Clipped #8 (who finished 9th this time). In the Grand Final, Jake and ShinyMark played again. And the result is the same. Alex of Jake was much more effective with combos and got a well-deserved victory.

Get Clipped #10 - Top 8 players

  • 1. Jake - Alex
  • 2. Markus “ShinyMark” Florido (Shorys Gaming) - Pyra/Mythra
  • 3. Varun “_trey5” Siva - Steve
  • 4. Joseph “YoseFu” Helmert - Simon
  • 5. Quark - Mr. Game & Watch / Greninja
  • 5. Alan “AlanDiss” Carrillo (LFG) - Snake
  • 7. Spritzy - Toon Link
  • 7. Jon “Suarez” Suarez (Lavender) - Yoshi

Even if Pyra/Mythra couldn’t win this Smash Ultimate event, they definitely can shine bright at many upcoming tournaments. Will someone of the Smash World Tour participants play her? Let's wait and see!

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