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Hurricane: A solid Cammy player will always do the same damage

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Hurricane: A solid Cammy player will always do the same damage
We continue a series of interviews with Evo 2021 Online winners. This time, it’s a conversation with the SFV Champion in Western Europe, Hurricane

The fighting games community expected to witness a tough competition in the Street Fighter V Evo tournament in Europe West. And you know what? We weren’t disappointed! The fights here were super exciting, with total UK dominance in the Top 4 part.

Hurricane is the Street Fighter V Evo 2021 Online Champion in this region.  In the Winners Final, he defeated Infexious with quite a confident style. The Grand Final match was tougher, and only in the last round, Hurricane won against Problem X.

DashFight reached out to the champion to ask a few questions on the Evo event, his matches and opponents, the game, and fighting esports. So guys here is our exclusive interview with Hurricane

DashFight Interview: Hurricane

The Winner of Evo 2021 Online SFV Europe West

- What’s your impression of this Evo format? Could the organizers take something positive from it for future events (with no current restrictions)?

- I feel like the top 8 format was not quite expected for a tournament like EVO. Online tournaments always have top 4 only as FT3. I think it should stay as an offline one from the first round of top 8.

- Having only UK players in Top 4 — is this UK dominance in Europe? Are fighting esports developing in your region so we could see more UK players on the world scene?

- The UK simply has more dedicated players than the other regions in Europe. Competitors, content creators, and even commentators playing SFV are taking the game very seriously. A lot of talented players just never had the opportunity to show their skills to the world; that is why we have to thank the main heads of the UK FGC like Logan Sama, our Capcom CM Matt Edwards, the Visual Platform team, and even the TOs to give them this opportunity, especially during this times where everything happens online, to showcase their skills.

- The Winners Final against Infexious had many very close rounds, and still, you won 3:0. Is it because of some kind of luck, the opponent’s mistakes, your proper preparation, or something else?

Infexious and I always went back and forth in tournaments. He had a very good run against me lately and the only thing I had to do is study the past tapes to be ready. I also believe he could have made fewer mistakes against me if it wasn't online, a lot of drops and lack of anti air showed me that wasn't the Infexious we know and CFN might be the reason. I look forward to face him again next time.

7:20 PMBO5Hurricaneflag

- Problem X played Honda against your Cammy. Were you prepared for that? Who would you choose in a match against a Cammy player?

Problem X is my training partner, we play from Monday to Sunday. I was prepared to face his Honda as I did have some hard times against him lately, just like Infexious. My gameplan did work this time but as you saw, it ended 3-2, so you can understand how hard it was.

8:15 PMBO5Hurricaneflag

- Cammy got some nerfs recently. Do you agree she was overpowered? Are you happy with the current balance?

- Cammy has always been very strong, nerfs does only concern autopilot gameplan, a solid Cammy player will always do the same damage.

- The game is getting its last Season. Is there anything the developers could do to make Street Fighter V an even better competitive experience?

- Game is well balanced, FIX THE NETCODE, PLEASE.

- Have you watched other Street Fighter Evo tournaments? Is there anyone who has impressed you?

- Yes I did watch the other tournaments. All the players were amazing and I look forward to face the winners in November.

- If no SFV, what other fighting game would you play at Evo (even if it requires practice)?

- Definitely Guilty Gear. I really enjoy this game and online experience allows new players like me to have more fun playing it. I even took a shot at EVO online and finished 24th. I hope I will do better when I will really practice and learn all the match ups.

The online-mostly competitive environment creates some limitations, but it also opens fresh opportunities. For example, Hurricane pretty often participates in the European online tournaments of the Saltmine League. Would you like to see his matches or even play against him?

It will be interesting to witness the power of Hurricane on the Evo offline showcase matches. And probably, this player will join the fight of Capcom Pro Tour United Kingdom/Ireland.

Meanwhile, why not check out DashFight interviews with other Evo champions? For example, we’ve posted conversations with Kawano (Street Fighter V), LMG MoB (Tekken 7), and Disarted (MK11).

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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