December is the Month of DBFZ Regional Finals

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December is the Month of DBFZ Regional Finals
Pic Source: Bandai Namco Esports YouTube
It’s been 3+ months since Bandai Namco announced the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship. Can you believe we are approaching the final events?

It totally feels like the fighting games community is thirsty for offline events. Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas was such a celebration! And we look forward to seeing the gathering of top Street Fighter players at the Capcom Cup VIII.

DBFZ also has its series of offline events. Three Regional Finals of the World Championship are planned for December 2021. Actually, they are right around the corner, so it’s totally time to remind ourselves of the schedule and the lists of participants.

Europe | DBFZ World Championship Regional Finals

The first tournament of the series happens on December 4-5, in Paris.

We at DashFight had the pleasure to communicate with one of the qualified players — please, check out our interview with Jaorcas.

USA | DBFZ World Championship Regional Finals

American players also have their Regional Finals in Paris. It’s planned for December 11-12.

After Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas, DashFight published an interesting interview with ApologyMan.

Japan | DBFZ World Championship Regional Finals

The Finals in this region happen on December 18-19. This time, the matches will really be in Japan.

That’s going to be a lot of great Dragon Ball FighterZ! And the show doesn’t stop here. Top 4 players from each region will join winners from Mexico, Australia, Brazil, and the Middle East / Africa to compete at the DBFZ World Championship Final (early 2022).

Of course, fights of these Regional Finals are not only about proceeding further. It’s about becoming the one and only Champion of your region. Here is the general format of these events:

Are you ready for the biggest matches in the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ? Who do you think has the power to become the best of them all? Please, let us know through DashFight’s pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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