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Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren Guide featuring Coach Steve

Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren Guide featuring Coach Steve

7 min
Guide by Coach Steve

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Direct his devastating power to enjoy the opponents’ health bar evaporating and your team’s ki energy growing impressively fast

In the Dragon Ball anime, Jiren is an extremely powerful being. His might is so impressive that some would doubt Jiren’s very existence — how a mere mortal can be stronger than a God of Destruction.

Jiren is one of the elite warriors of Universe 11. He is the power of the Pride Troopers. It seems like only his noble personality prevents the guy from seeking glory (and destructive fun). Jiren stays on the side of justice, doing nothing for selfish reasons. He once participated in the Tournament of Power, and only the joint effort of Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 allowed warriors from Universe 7 to win that competition.

So, probably Dragon Ball FighterZ gives Jiren an additional excuse to participate in explosive fights and demonstrate his true power. Of course, that’s possible only when the skills of the player are corresponding to the abilities of such a hero. To boost your mastery of Jiren, check out this pro video guide, created by Coach Steve.

Coach Steve is an esports professional with experience in different fighting titles. Among his achievements in Dragon Ball FighterZ, we could mention 2nd places at Summer Jam 13 and East Coast Throwdown 2019

This guide is especially worthy of your attention because Jiren is one of the main characters for Coach Steve.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Jiren Guide by Coach Steve

JIREN guide by [ Coach Steve ] | DBFZ | DashFight | All you need to know

Input Table for Dragon Ball Fighterz

Short Name DBFZ Move PlayStation Xbox Switch PC
1 Down Back AS
2 Down S
3 Down Forward SD
4 Back A
5 Standing
6 Forward D
7 Up Back WA
8 Up W
9 Up Forward WD
J Jump
L Light attack Square X Y U
M Medium attack Triangle
H Heavy attack Circle
s Special attack Cross

DBFZ Jiren’s Best Buttons

Coach Steve starts this Dragon Ball FighterZ guide by explaining the best neutral attacks for Jiren.

  • 2L — it’s an 8 frame mid starter, -2 on block. You can use it to reset stagger pressure and start your block strings. A clean 2L hit can start Jiren’s combos, which are devastating, push the opponent to the corner, and burn their health.
  • 5S — Jiren shoots a beam and can perform Vanish afterward. It has a ki blast invulnerability on frame 1.
  • 2S — it starts in 2 frames, so it is easier to catch smaller gaps with this attack (anti-air, react to Super Dash). It’s the fastest anti-air in the game. 
  • j.2S — Coach Seve considers this attack one of the best ki blasts in the game. It’s of a close range and has 10 frames. It jails into Super Dash from high jumps, and it’s hard for the victims to 2H Jiren.
  • j.2H — you can charge it, and it gives a ground bounce when fully charged. In conjunction with Jiren’s air ki blasts (j.2S, j.5S), this attack allows you to control the space.

Parries of Jiren in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Jiren has four different parries. In this section, Coach Steve explains which you should use.

  • L Parry — 214L. It has 3 frames of start-up. It parries pretty much everything that is not a projectile or a Super. For example, when Vegeta performs his Rocket Kick with following Vanish, Jiren still can parry that. Coach Steve shows the use of the L parry after clashing jabs. Assists and tags of teammates can help to start a combo after the parry. 
  • H Parry — 214H. It’s an EX parry that comes out on frame 1. The rule here is “where you can reflect, you can parry.” It gives the opponent blue health, and you should keep that in mind (for example, if they have Sparking).
  • M Parry — 214M. It can be used only in some strings.
  • S Parry — 214S. It parries projectiles. The downside is that the opponents can Vanish and 2H.

Coach Steve recommends being focused mostly on the L and H parries.

Jiren’s Block Strings

What options does this character have for block strings?

  • 5LL, 2L
  • 2L, delay, 5LL, 2M

Please, watch this section on video as Coach Steve gives some detailed explanations.

Assists of Jiren in DBFZ

Coach Steve thinks that all Jiren’s Assists are pretty good (even his C Assist), but A and B are better in general.

  • A Assist, Infinity Rush — it’s good, despite being slow (35 frames start-up). It has 43 frames of block stun, which is really good, and you can get a Super Dash mix, etc. The hit stun is also very strong. 
  • B Assists, Grand Charge — for Coach Steve, it’s a preferred assist. It has 29 frames of block stun and allows the player to get a solid mix. This assist is faster than A (20 frames start-up), so it’s easier to use it in the neutral game. Also, it’s invincible for projectiles and other Assists. 
  • C Assist, Flash Fist — it’s a bit weaker but still usable and pretty solid. It retains 5S properties, going straight through ki blasts, and you can go to a combo with your point character.

Jiren’s Bread and Butter Combos

This DBFZ character guide shows three combos for Jiren:

  • Midscreen Combo — 5LL, 2M, 5M, sjMLLS, Super Dash, j.ML, djLM2S2H(Hold), 236M, 2S, 236L, assist, jump, Dragon Rush
  • Corner Combo — 2L, 5LL, 2M, 5M, sjMLL, jump back M(1 hit ONLY)2S, LLS, Super Dash, MH2S2H (Hold), 236M, 2S, 236L, assist, jump, Dragon Rush
  • Vanish Confirm Combo — 5S > Vanish, IAD jM, 2L, sjMLLS, Super Dash, jML, djLM2H

Again, like with the strings, it would be better to watch Coach Steve performing them and explaining details.

DBFZ Team Compositions with Jiren

To make a really strong team, Coach Steve recommends taking Jiren as your point character. He’s building a lot of ki bar and deals significant damage. 

An example of a team is Jiren, Bardock, and Vegito

Jiren’s overall weakness is his lack of mix, and Bardock gives that. Vegito enhances screen control. Aside from this, Jiren can go well with anybody. Beam Assists are the best for him (Goku, Trunks, UI Goku). High block stun Assists are good as well (Kid Buu). It might be helpful to use Assists that enhance combos (B of Super Baby 2, A of Janemba).

It might be good to use Assists that allow the player to combo after a parry without spending on Vanish or a Special Attack. It’s possible with Vegito, Android 21, and Kefla

According to Coach Steve, you have many options in team compositions with Jiren.

Now you have quite a lot of theory, and it will be useful only after bringing all these pieces of advice into the actual playing practice.

Do you like such strong characters as Jiren, who are pretty high in DBFZ Tier Lists? Or are you ok with playing such guys as Yamcha and having additional challenges in your training?

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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