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DBFZ World Tour: Groups and Our (humble) Predictions

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DBFZ World Tour: Groups and Our (humble) Predictions
The Global Finals is happening in a couple of days, and we almost can’t bare this level of excitement

Revealing Groups for this tournament has launched lots of processes in the minds of DBFZ fans (us, basically). Now we can turn on the expert mode and start making predictions on who we think can make it to the Top 8 part. And another interesting thing to do is to explore potential team compositions of all the participants — to make some decisions for our personal playing experience.

DashFight is here to improve everything in the FGC. So, it’s quite a moment for our team to join the party and share awesome visual representations of the Groups and players’ teams*. Predictions are sure here as well (to check if they are correct, take a look at the Group Stage results). 

* the teams are examples of team composition by the players at previous World Tour 2022/2023 tournaments

Group A at DBFZ World Tour 2023 Global Finals

It’s safe to expect a great result from LegendaryyPred in this group. The guy won First Attack 2022 and was 2nd at Frosty Faustings XV. We may see him becoming #1 in Group A.

The second place is not that obvious. Here we most likely will witness the fight between Shanks and Seyhan. Both have a chance to make it to Top 8, but our bet is still on Shanks. One of his recent tournaments was Online WarriorZ #7.

Group B at DBFZ World Tour 2023 Global Finals

Yasha and INZEM are our favorites in this group. It’s more difficult to say who will be #1.

Yasha is an insanely strong player, and his team is just legendary (the synergy of Blue Gogeta and Vegito is a super-destructive power in DBFZ). At the same time, the score in the France vs USA competition is not in favor of Europeans recently. Zane kicked Yasha out of the Winners Bracket at UFA 2022 (which was in Paris). And INZEM actually won Install 2022, an event in Europe. We clearly remember him tea-bagging his Grand Final opponent, WADE.

On the other hand, Yasha won East Coast Throwdown 2022 by defeating LegendaryyPred in the Grand Final. The fight for the Winners Side in Group B should be spectacular!

Can the Japanese player Tako956402 interfere in this fight? We sincerely hope for this and for surprises from the Australian and New Zealand participants.

Group C at DBFZ World Tour 2023 Global Finals

This group is full of uncertainty as the strongest participant might come from the Last Chance Qualifier.

But we also have Fenritti here. The guy was in two World Tour Grand Finals, so there are no doubts about his motivation. Throughout the 2022 tournaments, Fenritti enjoyed destroying opponents in other regions — for example, in Australia during CouchWarriors Crossup 2022.

Both Kayne and Jake Ryan could fight for 2nd place, and the result is pretty much unknown. Yep, Kayne won VSFighting X and was Top 3 at The Install 2022. Jake Ryan also performs well at the recent events: Top 8 at Frosty Faustings XV and First Attack 2022. We still would place a bet on Kayne.

Group D at DBFZ World Tour 2023 Global Finals

Group D also has a player from the LCQ. But certainly, we see Zane here — and he is the might to count with. Zane won UFA 2022 and was 3rd at Frosty Faustings XV. He sure has a good chance to be #1 in this group.

OBAssassin performs well at European tournaments. But to be honest, it will be tough for the guy to pass through one of the top 2 players from the Last Chance Qualifier.

Last Chance Qualifier

Some very strong players did not make it to the Global Finals, therefore the LCQ will be a must-see show.

Only two players will proceed to the Top 8 part. Our prediction is that they are Nitro and GO1 (assuming they participate in).

This season, Nitro won such events as Frosty Faustings XV and Defend the North. He is one of the best in the DBFZ world; we could expect him getting even the Champion title.

GO1 is shifting towards other games nowadays, but his DBFZ skills are still impressive. He participated in a few international tournaments — was 3rd at REV Major, and 4th at VSFighting X and UFA 2022.

Beyond these two, such guys as Kite, WADE, Lucar, and Oblivion may shoot big at the LCQ.

Champion Prediction

Do we have to do this?

This part is the toughest, but we are not too serious about these predictions, aren’t we? The whole thing risks falling apart due to the chaotic and unpredictable nature of fighting esports. It’s kind of fun — ‘cause we are super excited about this tournament and want to share this emotion with you, guys.

Anyways. We think that Nitro, Yasha, and LegendaryyPred are the top candidates for victory. The ultimate factor of luck at many moments of the fighting madness will decide everything.

Do you agree? Please, share your opinion through our Discord server. And stay tuned to DashFight for more info on this event and fighting esports in general.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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