DashFight Interview: Mago, the Winner of CPT 2021 Japan 1

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DashFight Interview: Mago, the Winner of CPT 2021 Japan 1
We knew how a strong Street Fighter player Mago is, but still, this guy surprised everyone with an incredible power of his Cammy

On April 17-18, the Street Fighter community rushed into the new season of Capcom Pro Tour - with an absolutely blasting start, a tournament in Japan. This region is well-known for having many great fighting games players, so the level of competition here is fantastic.

On the one hand, CPT 2021 Japan 1 had quite a predictable outcome - one of the great players has earned his place at the upcoming Capcom Cup VIII. On the other hand, the (seeming) ease of that victory was rather mind-blowing. GYOGUN | Mago almost destroyed his opponents and amazed everyone with the might of his character, Cammy.

We at DashFight couldn’t resist reaching out to Mago and asking him a few questions about his performance at Capcom Pro Tour Japan 1.

Dear Mago-san, congratulations on your victory! Which match was the most interesting for you? Why?

Thank you. The most interesting match was the one with Itsuki (Dhalsim). I knew I had to play with him as well as with Dogura (M. Bison), so I prepared enough by practicing with YHC Mochi. I really appreciate it so much.

Did you have some special preparation for the CPT event or some specific opponents?

As I mentioned previously, I prepared and practiced so much for Itsuki (Dhalsim) and for Dogura (M. Bison). In the previous version, Urien was so brutal. So, I prepared a lot for it as well. The experience and prepared solution for it paid off, I believe.

Do you miss matches with some players who fell into other brackets? Would you like to play against someone else during the event?

I wanted to play with Dogura (M. Bison) because I had practiced a lot for it.

If you make it to the Grand Final, who would you like to play against (among players from the whole world)?

I am interested in playing with Punk. I believe he is the best player in the SF5 world. At the same time, I don't wanna play with him at the tournament, you know.

We thank Mago-san for his time and these answers.

Let’s take another look at that Grand Final - Mago vs Tokido:

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