Capcom Prepares a SFV Presentation at TGS Live 2020

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Capcom Prepares a SFV Presentation at TGS Live 2020
The community is waiting for something big and exciting. Maybe the reveal of that fifth SFV character?

In the current situation, most physical events have been canceled and transferred to the online dimension. And this is not that bad at all - we still can enjoy gaming presentations (like the PS5 showcase) and esports tournaments (such as Capcom Pro Tour 2020). And we all have a chance to join huge gaming conventions, such as the Tokyo Game Show - without leaving our houses.

This year, TGC is also happening online. It’s even named TGC Live 2020. Many famous Japanese companies will be present there (can we have that SSBU fighter reveal, please?) Of course, Capcom is among the participants! The company has even published the schedule of their events.

The most interesting thing in this plan… Ok, let’s be honest - everything is interesting here for gamers. But for the Street Fighter 5 community, the most interesting part happens on Saturday:

  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Presentation - September 26, 5:10 AM PT (8:10 AM ET, 2 PM CEST)

It’s still unclear what the developers are going to present - and this is awesome, let’s wait for a great surprise! Still, we can assume that the community will get more info on the recently revealed upcoming Street Fighter V characters: Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira. We can even hope to see the mysterious fifth fighter, promised during SFV Summer Update. Or... can it be a confirmation of Street Fighter 6?

It’s better to wait and see. You can enjoy the Live Stream on the Capcom USA Twitch Channel.

Meanwhile, why not have lots of fun in the game? To not miss something interesting in Street Fighter V, take a look at our guide on the SF5 game modes!