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Bugs Bunny
Last updated :Feb 13, 2023

Bugs Bunny

This hare has magic abilities and a kind of sadistic humor. Bugs Bunny uses this explosive mix to get rid of his annoying enemies. The ability to summon dangerous objects helps Bugs Bunny a lot in the MultiVersus fights. The moveset of this character is pretty tricky as many attacks have cooldowns.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Bugs Bunny matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Wonder Woman23 %13
Tom and Jerry23 %13
Velma25 %8
Superman25 %8
Batman100 %3
Reindog100 %2
Shaggy100 %1

Character abilities

  • Mobility: 6

  • Weight: 5

  • Damage: 7

  • Ranged: 8

  • Support: 4

More about Bugs Bunny:



Many enjoy watching cartoons with Bugs Bunny. It’s so funny to see what the hare does with Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, or Elmer Fudd. And that careless face while Bugs explodes the next enemy — it’s absolutely hilarious! 

But look at this from a different angle. Would you like to meet such a creature in real life? Imagine, he lies to you in the face and then puts a huge firework rocket into your pants. After the BOOM, that hare just stands there, eats his carrot, and asks, “Eh...What's up, doc?

Sure, Bugs Bunny activates his magic abilities mostly against those who don’t let him live in peace. Someone commits a mistake and builds their house near the place where Bugs Bunny lives (“No, you don’t make those awful noises and don’t disturb the bed of my precious carrots.) And someone is even more stupid — they dare to hunt the hare. Such bad people deserve the worst from Bugs Bunny.

You meet this character in many short Looney Tunes cartoons. They don’t have one story, and in general, the background of Bugs Bunny is pretty vague. To be honest, we don’t need to know the past of this hare to laugh at his joke. And we don’t need that to enjoy Bugs Bunny as a MultiVersus character.


Bugs Bunny is relaxed and careless. He eats his carrots and enjoys life. But when those impudent hunters or just annoying fools decide to break into the personal space of Bugs Bunny, they face awful but hilarious punishment. Bugs uses all sorts of dangerous traps and explosions to teach his enemies a valuable lesson — never interfere with the affairs of this hare.

On the other hand, it never seems like Bugs Bunny is dissatisfied with all those funny episodes. His calm nature is just a surface. Underneath, you’ll find somewhat sadistic humor. Does Bunny enjoy torturing his cartoon opponents?

Quite often, it is Bugs Bunny who annoys others. Probably when there is no one to humiliate and tear apart, the hare starts actively searching for new victims.

It is difficult to say whether Bugs Bunny is good or evil. It depends on who’s judging, the viewers of his cartoons or those poor ones who cross paths with him.


This character is rather tricky in MultiVersus — mainly due to the cooldowns of his Special moves.

Many Bugs Bunny’s attacks are ranged and use various “weapons” from the original cartoons. It can be a safe that falls from the sky (Neutral Special). Or a firework rocket that launches an opponent (Up Special). Down Normal is a projectile — Bugs Bunny takes and throws a pie.

Not only do the mage abilities of Bugs Bunny allow him to summon objects, but also, they can charm and stun opponents (Side Special). With Down Special, Bugs can hide from attacks in an underground tunnel.

The neutral attacks are traditionally straightforward. But managing cooldowns of the Specials require decent experience with the game. Bugs Bunny is effective but not an easy MultiVersus character. He is especially good at range fights.


He is a classic cartoon hare. Bugs Bunny is thin and high; he prefers walking straight, like a human. Usually, Bugs doesn’t wear clothes — he’s covered with gray and white fur.

Key Information

Type: Mage

Style: Hybrid

Debut: Cartoon “A Wild Hare,” July 1940

Franchise: Looney Tunes

Availability: Base Game

Cost: 2,000 Gold, 700 Gleamium

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