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Last updated :Feb 13, 2023


MultiVersus surprises the fighting games community by introducing its original character, Reindog. He combines a reindeer and a dog into one awesome creature. Reindog is the only survivor from the world of Zanifeer. He is a brave warrior who uses his supporting powers in the fights of MultiVersus.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 3

  • Weight: 7

  • Damage: 4

  • Ranged: 6

  • Support: 8

Patch Notes


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.
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With this character, MultiVersus does a great thing and introduces a unique character. Reindog was never in an animated series or in another game. MultiVersus is a big debut for him.

His story is pretty sad, but there is hope in it. Reindog was a Guardian of the Zanifeer royal family. Alas, his warrior skills could not prevent a disaster. A horrible dimensional cataclysm happened, and Nothing destroyed the whole world. No one survived in Zanifeer except for Reindog.

Now, he plans to do a seemingly impossible thing — rescue the royal family from death and return Zanifeer to existence.

Who knows, maybe MultiVersus fights can give Reindeer enough practice to achieve this ambitious goal.


Reindog is loyal to his friends and ready to perform unbelievable feats for them. He has all the best qualities people love in dogs, such as joyfulness and fluffy cuddles. And also, Reindog is brave and selfless — probably these qualities are from both dogs and reindeer. 


This character is pretty good in direct fights and has effective projectiles.

Reindog is a support, so he shines especially well with a good connection to his teammate. Neutral Special shoots a string that damages opponents and can pull the partner back to the platform. Up Special summons Reindog’s crystal that activates regular lightning. Down Special is a fire projectile. Both Up and Down Specials are chargeable. 


Raindog iі a fluffy green dog with reindeer horns. He has a heart in between those horns. His chin and belly are covered with white fur — it’s the same color as his cute mustaches.

Key Information

Type: Support

Style: Horizontal

Debut: MultiVersus, 2022

Franchise: MultiVersus

Availability: Base Game

Cost: 2,000 Gold, 700 Gleamium

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