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Steven Universe
Last updated :Feb 13, 2023

Steven Universe

He is a usual boy only on the surface. The deeper you look, the more layers are visible. One of them reveals a mighty warrior, able to protect his world from immensely dangerous enemies. After all these feats, Steven Universe deserves some fun — and it gets a lot in the matches of MultiVersus.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 4

  • Weight: 6

  • Damage: 5

  • Ranged: 3

  • Support: 7

Patch Notes


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The story of Steven Universe is deep and super interesting. Please, treat yourself to watching the original series to dig into all the hidden secrets. We’ll try to reveal the background of this iconic character without spoiling anything.

So, the boy has never known his mother. Steven lives with his father, but at some point, he moves to live with three mysterious women: Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. They are not human beings but Crystal Gems from another planet. They come to the Earth to protect the planet, and slowly but inevitably, Steven becomes an essential part of the Gems crew.

What does that mean “they are Crystal Gems?” Well, the human-like body is kind of an illusion for Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Their cores are actual gems. In case of an injury, Crystal Gems hibernate for a while but then return to their usual forms. But if their core is broken, it is death for them.

Steven also has a gem core. But he is still considered a human. His nature is even more fantastic than that of his new friends. All those enemies he should defeat are literally nothing in comparison to his real adventure — a journey towards understanding himself.

Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven start by collecting other Gems. They are not totally broken but badly corrupted. Such creatures are dangerous monsters, and Crystal Gems try to protect everyone from them.

But then, the real threat reveals itself. It’s much more massive than those monsters. The Earth should be conquered by Diamonds, kind of a superior form of Gems. If it’s not possible to do, Diamonds will destroy the planet…

Somehow, Steven’s mother is tightly connected to those Diamonds. Was she really as good as Crystal Gems remember her? Is she really gone from this world?

The Steven Universe show is wonderful! It contains many more layers to discover. It’s very supportive and inspiring for so many people in their personal journey of discovering their core…

MultiVersus doesn’t go deep into this story — it’s a platformer fighter, after all. The game is more about multiplayer fun. Still, it manages to convey the personality of Steven Universe pretty well, making him a support character and filling his moveset with great references to the original series.


Steven is an open and sincere guy. He is willing to help everyone — even if that is a dangerous creature.

At the same time, Steven is brave and dedicated to his mission. He is ready to risk his life to support his friends. Such a caring personality creates unique magic powers for Steven, such as a protecting bubble and shield.

Of course, the boy is not very simple. Yes, he likes cute things and catchy songs. But also, he has a bitter tragedy inside, kind of a dark side. He tries to hide something even from himself. Without accepting everything in his own personality, Steven cannot be whole.


Steven is a support character with many pretty tricky moves. He becomes especially strong when his teammate knows what this guy can do and uses that actively. Also, a Steven player needs a decent experience with the character and with platformer fighters, in general, to understand how and when to use those abilities.

Steven’s Normals are pretty straightforward — he just hit the opponents. But such attacks are not too strong. His Specials use a magic shield as a barrier that blocks opponents or as a platform to stay on. This shield hits strongly and can be used for finishing attacks (especially Up Special on the upper sides of the stage). 

Down Special is a healing ability — for Steven and his teammate. The healing spot turns into Melon Steven, who becomes an independent minion, quite helpful for mixups. Neutral Special is a projectile with interesting features. It can bubble the enemy and make them fly defenseless. 

Dodge works in a unique way for Steven. This move copies the protecting bubble from the show (and it obviously is similar to the shield from Smash Ultimate).


MutiVersus has Steven Universe in his youth from the original series. He is a boy with dark curly hair, in a pink T-Shirt with a yellow star, blue jeans, and red beach slippers.

Key Information

Type: Support, for Expert players

Debut: May 2013, in the Pilot of Steven Universe

Franchise: Steven Universe

Availability: Base game

Cost: 3,000 Gold, 700 Gleamium

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