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Last updated :Mar 15, 2023


Garnet is a gem and is a fusion between Ruby and Sapphire. She is also the head of the Crystal Gems and acts as a mother figure to Steven.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 4

  • Weight: 7

  • Damage: 6

  • Ranged: 3

  • Support: 7

Patch Notes


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Garnet is a fusion between Ruby and Sapphire. Ruby would save Sapphire from coming to harm at the start of the Gem War and the two fused by mistake. There was a lot of confusion in this state, but the two would later understand themselves and fuse seamlessly. Now, Garnet is the head of the Crystal Gems, a rebel group who fought against the Homeworld Gems in the Gem War, and they also fight off corrupted gems while protecting the earth. 

She joined the Crystal Gems thanks to Rose Quartz, who had found her at the bottom of the hill along with Pearl. With the Crystal Gems, Garnet lives at the Crystal Temple, and from there, they protect the earth. She was responsible for taking Steven in after taking him from Greg (his father). They took Steven because they thought he was his mother, Rose, trying to unfuse. When it is discovered that Steven is a different person, Garnet takes on a mother-figure role for Steven and even helps build the house he lives in.


Garnet is a level-headed and responsible gem and leader. She does have a fiery side, as the Ruby side of her could lose her cool at times. However, generally, she is peaceable and forward-thinking. She is also empathetic and forms a strong bond with Steven letting him utilize his ideas even when the other gems don’t want to. Also, Garnet is brave and is ready to lead by example against whatever enemies the gems come up against.


Garnet specializes in close-quarters combat, hitting her opponents as often as she can. Many of her moves can be charged, giving them more power, but on the downside, a lot of her specials have a cooldown period making them inefficient at certain times during a battle.


Garnet is a tall gem with three eyes and a cube-shaped afro. Her skin is light purple, and she wears shades that cover all her eyes. She also wears red-colored gauntlets, and her gems are in the palm of her hands.

Key Information

Type: Bruiser

Weight: Medium

Style: Hybrid

Debut: Steven Universe “Pilot” (May 2013)

Franchise: Cartoon Network

Availability: Base game

Cost: 1000 Gleamium, 3000 Fighter Tokens