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Last updated :Jul 2, 2024


An anarchic mega-genius and one of the universe's most wanted.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 5

  • Weight: 4

  • Damage: 6

  • Ranged: 8

  • Support: 5

Patch Notes


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Rick Sanchez is a mega genius scientist whose origins are shrouded in mystery with a backstory that confirms he had always had a knack for science. Nearly always accompanied by his grandson Morty, they have saved the galaxy and the space/time continuum dozens of times.


Rick is a genius scientist, capable of creating complex scientific inventions, although his brilliance is usually muddled by his jaded personal views and alcoholic tendencies. Depicted as homicidal due to his massive disregard for life, Rick can be ruthless when betrayed or when his life or those close to him are in danger.

Divergent to popular belief, Rick is not a nihilist nor utterly heartless as he has shown to be stunned, alarmed or angry by the loss of life that he deems unnecessary, foolish, or irrational. Rick has trouble taking orders from others as he is anti-totalitarian. As a result, Rick tends to loathe people with authority and government officials.


Rick's gameplay is centered around area denial and setting up combos and traps for his opponents to fall into. His portal gun allows him to travel across the stage rapidly but also juggle opponents into strong hits. Meeseks also play a role in covering his attacks and aiding important damage outputs.


Rick is an old Hispanic-American man. He has long limbs and is very skinny. He has spiky grey-blue hair, a bald spot on the back of his head, and a unibrow. His tanned grey skin is very wrinkly, with bags under his eyes and a pressure fold above his unibrow that follows its position.

His clothes consist of a white lab coat with a turquoise undershirt, brown pants, a dark brown belt with a yellow fastener, and black shoes.

Key Information:

Type: Mage

Weight: Light

Style: Horizontal

Debut: December 2013

Franchise: Rick and Morty

Availability: September 27, 2022

Cost: 1000 Gleamium, 3000 Fighter Tokens