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Last updated :Feb 13, 2023


One of the most iconic heroes ever created, Batman is a sentinel of the night that fights crime in his beloved Gotham city. He is one of the leaders of the Justice League and also one of the richest men in the world.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 6

  • Weight: 6

  • Damage: 7

  • Ranged: 6

  • Support: 5

Patch Notes


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Batman was born on the back of a terrible tragedy. Young Bruce Wayne was heading home with his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, when they were held up by a crook who was not content to simply rob the couple; he shot them dead. Bruce, who saw the whole thing, was traumatized by the incident, and it propelled him to become the Dark Knight. Driven by grief and hatred for crime and its consequences on Gotham, Bruce vowed to rid the city of crime. To do this, Bruce Wayne would push himself to his absolute limits not only to become one of the smartest men alive but also the strongest and most intimidating. 

Bruce chose the symbol of the bat in a bid to strike fear in the hearts of criminals. He would become Batman, Gotham’s protector and a symbol of terror to criminal enterprise. He worked alone for a while before getting a sidekick called Robin. Robin was first Dick Grayson, a circus kid whose parents were slain. Dick, who was part of a circus act with his parents, was blessed with acrobatic skills, which came in handy after being taken in by Batman to become his right-hand man. Batman is also helped by Alfred Pennyworth, the family butler who is often portrayed as a father figure to Bruce

Batman was also one of the main members of the Justice Society of America. He has a son named Damian and is the arch enemy of the Joker. Batman continues to fight crime and save lives while also waiting to see if he can defy time (he’ll probably lose that fight)


Batman is a brooding character who is well-known to be something of a loner. Batman is surly, pessimistic, and untrusting. That said, Batman is driven by a set of principles and is a huge proponent of justice. Batman refuses to kill his enemies, believing that it would make him no better than the villains he goes up against. As Bruce Wayne, Batman has had to put on the persona of a playboy philanthropist to hide his true identity. 

While brusque, Batman is usually empathetic to people and cares about them. He shows kindness to those in need and will go out of his way for someone in a spot of trouble. 


Batman is a bruiser-style character. He utilizes his mobility and quick hits to make opponents pay. His Batarang is his best move, and the projectile does a lot of work against opponents. His buttons are generally good, and his ‘rising bat’ special is a great kill option.


Batman is usually dressed in his batsuit which is black from top to bottom. He wears a mask that is shaped like a bat. It covers most of his head with two points ears and an opening for the bottom half of his face. He also wears a black cape which he uses to appear more mysterious to his enemies. His bodysuit is made of kevlar, and he possesses a utility belt that holds most of his tools. 

Key Information

Type: Bruiser

Weight: Medium

Style: Vertical

Debut: Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)

Franchise: Warner Bros. Animation

Availability: Base game

Cost: 1000 Gleamium, 3000 Fighter Tokens