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Harley Quinn
Last updated :Feb 13, 2023

Harley Quinn

Joker's psychotic ex-sidekick. Harley Quinn used to be his loyal partner in crime for many years before deciding to split up and go her own way. Now she's a leader of her own crew and set on a path to become one of Gotham's most fearsome villains.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 5

  • Weight: 4

  • Damage: 8

  • Ranged: 4

  • Support: 3

Patch Notes


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Originally Harleen Quinzel, she was a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum. After she met Joker, her life changed drastically, and she became his crazy sidekick known as Harley Quinn. Despite her initial enthusiasm, her troubled relationship with Joker eventually led her to split away from him.

Now, as a solo villain, she operates her own group of criminals and misfits, using her combination of madness and intelligence to become one of the most fearsome villains that Gotham has ever seen.


Harley's own insanity can almost match The Joker's. In particular, she tends to show intense passion for people she loves and will go to extreme lengths to do something for them. Harley also tends to struggle with her own identity, especially after trying to carve her own path without The Joker.


Similar to other assassins, Harley Quinn has very damaging combos and solid pressure. However, unlike the others, she shows a much stronger emphasis on vertical attacks, which become a cornerstone of her gameplan. Once Harley pokes down her opponent and pops them up in the air, she becomes an extreme threat thanks to several strong attacks that hit above her. Because of this, you never want to be floating above her and need to watch out for the Jerk-in-the-Box traps.

Her major weakness lies in being a lightweight glass cannon. Making mistakes will hurt her a lot, and once in a critical state, most kill moves will knock her right off the stage.


Harley Quinn is a woman with pale skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair tied in pigtails with one side dyed pink and the other blue. Her whole outfit features an asymmetric red and black alternating pattern based on the eponymous harlequin.

She wears a black choker, a small varsity jacket, fingerless gloves, a vest, a brown utility belt, mini shorts, thigh-high socks, and sneakers. Both her gloves and sneakers also have pom-pom style fur trims.

Key Information:

Age: Unknown (between late 20s and early 30s)

Type: Assassin

Weight: Light

Style: Vertical

Debut: Batman: The Animated Series, September 1992

Franchise: DC

Availability: Base game

Cost: 2000 Gold or 700 Gleamium