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Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


Thunder, or Chief Thunder as he is sometimes known, is a traditional Native American Nez Percé tribal warrior, who takes up arms against Ultratech for the disappearance of his brother, Eagle.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 9

  • Defense: 5

  • Mobility: 4

  • Range: 3




Thunder enters the original Killer Instinct tournament in hopes of finding his lost brother, Eagle. Unfortunately, it seems that Eagle has been used in the creation of the merciless machine, Fulgore. When Thunder is told that Eagle is dead, he determines in his heart to avenge his sibling and parents’ deaths and bring down Ultratech. On his path for vengeance, he meets Aganos, who is being controlled against his will, breaking the war golem free, the two form a bond that results in traveling together. 

Thunder has grown even more powerful but finds that he might have to team up with Ultratech to take down an even greater evil that threatens human existence.


Thunder is a dignified individual who takes his life seriously. As a kid, he worked hard at school and was gifted athletically. He also loves his heritage and delved deep to align himself with his people. His true goal in life is to find his brother and become a teacher at an Indian college. He wants his people to grow stronger and will do almost anything to make this a reality. 


Thunder is not your typical grappler, as he has a half-screen command grab that makes opponents’ life a nightmare. He has a good forward dash that helps him cover ground pretty quickly. He also has a DP, which gives him anti-air options, and if he can get close to you, he’ll do a lot of damage. While his slow walk speed and even slower jump are disadvantages, he makes up for this with his instinct mode, which allows him to get past most of the stuff that will mostly keep grapplers away.


Thunder received a design overhaul between the first and third Killer Instinct. Now he looks more like a Nez Percé tribal warrior with his face almost completely covered in war face paint. He also sports desert-colored pants and an iconic belt.

Key Information

Age - 47

Birthday - Unknown

Race - Human

Height - 6'4

Weight - 295lbs

Availability - Base Game

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