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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


As a former monster hunter and a current bloodthirsty vampire, Mira has excellent fighting skills. She is a sister of Maya, and these characters share some similar normals. Mira’s special moves are very strong, but they drain her health. It’s restorable, so you should be good at resource management.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 10

  • Defense: 5

  • Mobility: 9

  • Range: 8




As a child, Mira lived somewhere in the high mountains of South America. With her fraternal twin sister Maya, the girl early joined the Night Guard, an order of monster hunters. Her career in this organization was quick and pretty successful. Both Mira and Maye fully dedicated themselves to killing evil creatures. They grew to be very powerful warriors, and the order started assigning them to the most difficult missions. 

One day, Mira gets the task of traveling to the Ural mountains to get rid of the bunch of vampires. Those awful creatures have created their own society, having a mighty leader, True Tsar. The mission does not go well. The sisters are cornered, and Maya is severely wounded. Mira decides to sacrifice herself and let Maya escape. She activates a bomb that destroys a cave and vampires. Alas, Mira is injured and trapped. Thinking her sister is dead, Maya successfully flees.

Vampires take Mira to the Tsar, who converts the girl into one of his minions. Mira transforms from inside and drastically changes her life principles. She starts using her fighting skills to help the Tsar in various evil activities. The new master even grants Mira with magical Gloves of Rasavatham. These gauntlets turn her blood into liquid metal — you definitely can see them in the Killer Instinct fights.

Once, the Tsar orders to steal the Book of Khepri from Gargos. That is an occasion when the sisters meet again. Mira tries to persuade Maya to join the vampires, but these attempts are pointless. When Gargos decides to kill Maya, Mira rescues the sister, but it’s hard to say why. Yes, it might be the rest of a human being waking up inside a vampire. Or perhaps, it’s a new cruel desire to be the murderer of her own sister and punish her stubbornness.


When Mira was a normal human, she was fearless and selfless. The girl was totally devoted to her mission of clearing the world from awful monsters and making it a better place. Mira loved her sister and was ready for any sacrifice to save Maya. Bravery and exceptional skills helped the twins to earn their reputation as the best Night Guard members. In one of the most dangerous missions, Mira had to prove her love for Maya — as a result, she was turned into a vampire.

In this bloodthirsty form, the very personality of Mira has changed drastically. There is no more selflessness in sight. Mira is ready to kill just to please her new master. Even more, she enjoys torturing her victims. Everything is acceptable for her to gain more power and destroy more enemies.


In Killer instinct matches, Mira risks everything to achieve victory. She is a high-risk / high-reward character. 

Her air movement is excellent — thanks to air dashes. Her special moves deal very good damage. But these options require spending her health. It turns gray, and it is possible to recover it with a dedicated move, but the health bar might drain too quickly, and you might have no chance to heal Mira in time.

The projectiles of this character are slow, but they open excellent mixup options. This is another advantage of Mira in Killer Instinct.


Mira might look a lot like just a pale girl, but if you are more attentive, you easily notice weird features. She is a monster, a vampire. Her eyes are bloodthirsty and ruthless. Her outfit is one of a skilled warrior, with some magical elements. Scarabs on her gauntlets have spikes to penetrate the skin and make the metal blood drip during game fights. You don’t want to meet such a girl in the darkness of night.

Key Information

Age: 27

Birthday: Unknown



Race: Human / Vampire

Fighting styleGlass Cannon

Debut: Killer Instinct Season 2, October 15, 2014

Availability: DLC Character

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