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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


Baron Konrad Von Sabrewulf is a character that has been in the KI franchise from the very first iteration. He is a German noble who has suffered a deadly disease and seeks to find a cureKnow more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 7

  • Defense: 5

  • Mobility: 6

  • Range: 2




Afflicted with a rare form of lycanthropy, Konrad is cursed to take on the form of a wolf when the moon rises. In his feral form, Sabrewulf is ruthless and powerful. Concerned at his declining humanity, Sabrewulf desperately searches for a cure, ready to chase down any lead. It is for this reason that he agrees to enter the first Killer Instinct tournament even though he was a little dubious of their intentions. With the promise of a cure from Ultratech, Sabrewulf enters the KI tournament. However, he is defeated early on because he refused to give in to the monster within. 

With his chance gone, Sabrewulf returned home but was taken by Ultratech, who never had any intention of giving him a cure but rather wanted to experiment on him. The results of which were a pair of mechanical arms. Enraged by this exploitation, Sabrewulf breaks free and is on the prowl for revenge. 

In the latest installment of the game, Sabrewulf is more or less resigned to what he has become. Now dependent on ancient medicines, Sabrewulf simply seeks to slow down his deterioration while wondering if there is even a sliver of hope for a cure.


Sabrewulf is a tortured individual who is haunted by the things he has done and the looming possibility that he’ll be a monster forever. Unwilling to give in to the monster within, Sabrewulf recognizes his power as he is considered one of the most powerful beings on the planet and also the most unpredictable. He wants nothing more than to be normal again, but is slowly coming to accept that this might never happen.


Sabrewulf is a rushdown character with some of the best normals in the game. His ability to switch from left to right in a second makes his mix-up game almost impossible to guard against. His ability to suffocate the opponent is second to none, and this makes him a terrifying opponent. However, his poor aerial options do keep him at a disadvantage as he doesn’t fare too well against characters who zone really well and can keep him at bay.


Sabrewulf is a wolf with a human heart, and he looks exactly like that. In the first game, he had fur all over but stood like a human. He had long arms with sharp claws on both hands and feet. His yellow eyes were terrifying, and he dresses in tattered clothes. In the latest iteration, he is much the same with the exception of his arms which are thinner than before. His upper body is large with a much smaller lower half. Nowadays, he wears torn gray pants and torn straps on his arms.

Key Information

Age - 50

Birthday - Unknown

Race - Human/Werewolf

Height - 5'11

Weight - 415lbs

Availability - Base Game

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