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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


A corrupted hero who was slain by his archnemesis, Gargos, and then foolishly resurrected by the sorcerer Kan-Ra.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 8

  • Defense: 6

  • Mobility: 5

  • Range: 9




Eyedol suffered his final defeat at the hands of his enemy Gargos, who split his head entirely in half down to the neck. Eyedol's remains were found, however, by Kan-Ra, who sought to reanimate the fallen god-beast to use as his ace against the Shadow Lord and his armies. But Kan-Ra's necromancy was insufficient to resurrect and control Eyedol fully, and the mighty demon lord quickly broke free of the sorcerer's bonds and resumed his rampage across the Earth as destruction and violence incarnate.


Eyedol, who was once a champion chosen by an angelic race of demi-gods to save the world from Gargos, had his body and soul consumed by some things: The magically enhanced abilities bestowed upon him by those good beings, his pride and arrogance in his victory over Gargos, and his taking control of a considerable amount of the Astral Tyrant's malevolent power. Together, they turned Eyedol's soul black with evil and eventually turned him into a hideous monster embodying all the evil he had once been able to destroy.

Eyedol's insatiable desire for godlike status and absolute power seemed his greatest strength, but it ultimately became his downfall. He crowned himself the god-king of a vast empire in a time now forgotten when countless humans sang his praises and worshiped him as a divinity who walked the Earth. Eyedol's corrupt existence finally gave in to all its base impulses, and he went berserk with greed, pride, and wrath, nearly wiping out the ancient heroes of the world who tried to contain his rampage and tyranny; causing him to exile to the Astral Realm through the bravery of the immortal warrior Tunth-ska. Eyedol met his demise at the claws of Gargos, who had been waiting in the darkness of the Void.


Ever since Gargos split his head, Eyedol's tremendous might has diminished in two ways. His entire being, including his power and consciousness, has split in two.: his "savage head" with its red eyes and his "warlock head" with its purple eyes. The "savage" head has an excessively violent personality, one that rushes in with no thought and lashes out with brutal fury and a thirst for blood. The "warlock" head, on the other hand, has a personality that is menacingly calculated and deviously patient and uses devastating magicks to destroy Eyedol's enemies from a distance.

Eyedol's true strength temporarily returns to him when he activates his Instinct Mode, bringing together his two distinct personalities. When unleashed, his power, brutality, and sorcerous might are comparable to that of a god.


Eyedol appears to have a head split in half down the middle, with one eye on each side of the split. His brain is visible within the enormous gap, and purple and red lightning dart across the divide, joining the two pieces of his head. His left eye glows purple, his right eye glows red, and the horn on the right side of his head appears broken off at the end. His gray skin has swirling tattoos running along half of his body that glows purple and ropes slung around his torso. He is less muscular and portly, like a conventional ogre, though he still has a massive physique. His attire consists of a single pauldron on his right shoulder and a loincloth decorated with human skulls. His digitigrade legs are similar to Gargos', but unlike Gargos' sharp claws, his three-toed feet appear to have large, blunt toenails. The massive club or mace he utilizes is studded with human skulls. The red-eyed half of his personality takes over when involved in physical combat, while the purple-eyed half takes over when engaged in a magical battle.

Key Information:

Age: Unknown

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Race: Undead ogre, formerly human

Weapon: Skull-laced Club

Availability: Season 3