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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


Omen is an Astral Plane demon who got a chance to live in the physical world — and fight in Killer Instinct. His shadowy body has a versatile moveset. Omen can fly, so he is strong in the aerial game. Projectiles help with mixup and zoning. Defense and low damage are downsides of the character.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 4

  • Defense: 6

  • Mobility: 7

  • Range: 8




However mighty an evil lord is, they still need minions to carve their path to power and glory. The Shadow Lord Gargos knows that perfectly well, so with his mystical abilities, he creates a demon named Omen — just by the power of thought. 

Omen is ready to do anything for his master. Slay someone? With pleasure! His very existence is only to serve Gargos.

The Shadow Lord needs to expand his influence from the Astral to Mundane Plane. And he assigns Omen to this important task. The demon has to possess the body of the warrior monk Jago and do evil with his hands.

First, the plan goes pretty well. Many awful things become possible! But eventually, Jago manages to fight back. His spirit is strong enough to push Omen away and get free.

On the one hand, Omen fails in his mission. On the other hand, he grows immensely thanks to this extraordinary experience. After many battles within the body of Jago, Omen gains the strength to survive in the physical world without possessing anyone. The same phenomenon has created Shadow Jago.

A lot has changed thanks to this. Omen still adores Gargos and cannot even consider disobeying his master. But the time within Jago opened so many new impressions to the demon: tasty food, amazing sounds, exciting touches… and even joy, love, or hatred… Omen wants to experience even more! He’s eager to fight for new opportunities and dreams to be present in two dimensions and enjoy Astral and Mundane pleasants.

Killer Instinct is a way to achieve this goal. Omen plans to take control over the mightiest heroes of this game — to be useful for Gargos and make his own dream come true.


Omen is a loyal servant of Gargos. He is always ready to do everything for his master — without even a shadow of questioning Gargos’ will.

Also, Omen is a demon. He knows humans from inside after possessing Jago. There are no secrets for Omen about how to manipulate people through their fears and desires. You might call him evil, but actually, Omen is rather a blank tool in the powerful hands of Gargos.

Still, there is a seed of independence deep in the personality of Omen. The period inside of Jago significantly enriched his experience, and the demon doesn’t mind having access to those various feelings and sensations again. What if he needs to disobey Gargos for this?..


As a creation of Gargos’ thought, Omen has a resemblance to that character in his normal attacks.

In general, Omen is a nicely balanced fighting character. He has effective tools for different situations but prevails in the air mobility and mixup potential. Wings make Omen super threatening in the air. His unpredictable projectiles force the opponent to guess and make mistakes in defense. 

Omen’s special moves are pretty effective and enable a strong offensive strategy with this character. Still, the damage is low. And another somewhat weak part of his playstyle is defense.


Omen is obviously a demon from the Astral Plane — you can see it through his somewhat fluid body. Omen has learned how to manifest himself in the physical world, but his presence is rather shadowy, even if the damage from his attacks is pretty much tangible.

After being inside of Jago, Omen got some human-like features. His body has a human silhouette, and the white energy is especially concentrated in his hands and feet. His face looks like a mask.

In the air, Omen uses his impressive wings. They are very similar to those of Gargos.

Key Information

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Race: Demonic Entity

Weapon: Electrokinesis

Fighting Style: Balanced

Debut: Killer Instinct Season 2, October 15, 2014

Availability: DLC Character

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