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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


Gargos is a demonic half-god who, alongside Eyedol, has been one of the primary antagonists of the Killer Instinct franchise.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 3

  • Defense: 2

  • Mobility: 8

  • Range: 7




Another dimension - the Astral Plane, is ruled by the evil tyrant Gargos. The other Astral beings fought back against this Shadow Lord, but he slaughtered them all and stole their powers. The Guardians, a race of good beings, escaped from Gargos and his minions by fleeing to other dimensions, sealing the Astral Plane behind them so that Gargos' influence could never taint another world. However, under Gargos' pervasive mind control, the sorcerer Kan-Ra reopened that door. Now Gargos is invading the Earth with his army of duplicate fighters called Mimics.


A devilish and godlike entity, unimaginably powerful within its astral domain and profoundly corruptive anywhere else, the demon king Gargos is obsessed with gaining absolute power and enslaving all sentient beings, from those in the mortal realms to those in the astral plane. The Shadow Lord is the embodiment of everything evil and emasculation, and he destroys everything in his path.


The demonic half-god is a nomadic plague on the fabric of reality; he can open portals between dimensions to travel freely over vast distances in an instant, summon his minions to his location, and allow him to reach for his victims out of nowhere. Furthermore, he can absorb the strength of his prey, a process known as "soul-stealing," which grants Gargos an increase in Shadow Meter.

Despite his diminutive stature, Gargos can cover great distances in flight, allowing him to either approach or avoid his adversary. By switching to Instinct Mode, he can turn his entire body into stone, making him immune to damage from attacks but severely limiting his mobility. He can then "erupt" his stone skin into shards which will inflict harm to his enemy and violently knock them back.

In Shadow Lords mode, Gargos boasts many unique astral powers such as rapid healing, resurrection, immense damage output, the ability to inflict bursting damage on a blocking opponent, and permanent Instinct Mode.


Gargos features reddish-purple skin with a tan chest and horn-like protrusions on his arms. His face consists of curled ram horns, with blank green eyes, bared fangs, no nose, and tusks jutting out from the sides of his lipless mouth. He has digitigrade legs with two large claws on each foot. His wings appear torn and tattered, emanating a green aura from the ends.

Key Information:

Age: unknown

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Race: Ichorien

Weapon: Astral Powers & Minions



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