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Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


An immortal protector, known as the "Watchman of the Gods," was created ten millennia ago by angelic beings to serve as Earth's sentry against the demon lord Gargos.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 9

  • Defense: 7

  • Mobility: 4

  • Range: 7




The eternal guardian of the gods, the colossal barbarian, is a deathless warrior who lived for ten millennia and has honed his skill as a swordsman for all that time. With no memory of his past, Tusk stood idly by as Gargos swept across the planet. Now roused from his lethargy, the legendary protector sets out to find and slay the demon warlord. Using his arcane blade Warg-gram, Tusk smashes and cuts through his hapless foes with primal power, his defense solution: the sheer force behind his massive assaults.


Tunth-ska is an ancient barbarian who was granted immortality by angelic beings and reborn as an eternal watchman to our world. He is often confused for a modern-day Viking because of this. Though he lived amongst Vikings and took a fondness for their ways, Tusk predates recorded history. A pre-farming man, he saw creatures that are now extinct, ate mammoth flesh, and engaged in battle with saber-toothed cats and short-faced bears. For at least 7,500 years, his sword, Warg-gram, was the only hardened steel. He walked the land before the rise of the prehistoric Sumerians, the prehistoric Egyptians, and the prehistoric Greeks, joined in their cultures, and outlived them.

Tunth-ska watched in enduring silence as the human race gradually went from disjointed tribes of hunter-gatherers to colonies of farmers, to settlements, to city-states, to kingdoms, to empires to the governments of today. He saw the use of tools progress from sharpened stones tied to wooden sticks to the internet and modern smartphones. He is fluent in languages that have since died out and familiar with cultures that have vanished into the mists of history. The other people he meets seem doomed to become insignificant in his eternal life, so he doesn't make an effort to develop meaningful relationships with them. Over the course of over ten thousand years, he has waited to carry out the divine task for which the gods created him: the destruction of another god.


Legendary barbarian and warrior champion Tunth-ska, or Tusk, was known for his enormous size, superhuman strength, and skill with two-handed greatswords in the ancient world.


Tusk takes on a Viking-like appearance with short blond hair and a braided beard. Tusk's face appears elderly and stern, reflecting the immortality he shoulders. He wears black, modern-looking cargo pants torn off at the knees, a green tartan of uncertain age, and a white sash at the waist. In addition to the baldric draped over his right shoulder and the fur-lined leather boots he wears, with a brown belt with a gold buckle and some pouches. Tusk's massive torso is covered in intricate tattoos depicting Viking motifs and rune markings that glow a fiery red in Instinct Mode. Even his greatsword, Warg-gram, has intricate runic designs etched into its blade. When Tusk strikes an opponent, the friction from his blows will cause the sword to heat up and glow red hot.

Key Information:

Age: 10,000+

Height: 210 cm

Weight: 380 lbs

Race: Human (Immortal)

Weapon: Warg-Gram

Availability: Season 3


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