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Kim Wu
Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct

Kim Wu

A fearless young martial artist and Nunchaku expert who has been chosen by an ancient dragon spirit to save the world from a terrible evil.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 9

  • Defense: 7

  • Mobility: 7

  • Range: 5



Kim Wu is an enterprising fashion design student and young martial arts teacher from Chinatown, San Francisco. She is also the inheritor of a dragon spirit known as Yeouiju, which has been ceded down over her mother's family line for two millennia. Kim Wu, heralding the heroic bravery of her maternal ancestor who first bonded with Yeouiju, is called upon to make a last stand against Gargos and his minions across the ravaged Earth by the dragon. Kim Wu is determined to end Gargos' reign on her terms, so she flips, kicks, and burns her way through her opponents with the help of her style, strength, agility, and the dragon's blessing.


It's no coincidence that Kim Wu, the holy dragon spirit Yeouiju's chosen one, shares characteristics with the dragon sign of the Chinese zodiac. She is talented and bright but also abrasive and loud and garish and unfaithful despite her success and fame; her elderly relatives and fans hold her in the highest regard. Kim Wu is an incredibly driven, passionate, and confident young woman. She has a lot to say and can be critical of others without meaning to, is entirely unfazed by difficulties, and never considers giving up. Kim Wu is so focused on making a name for herself that she has a strict zero-tolerance rule for laziness, which she applies with brutal consistency to herself and others, including her two cousins.

However, Kim Wu tends not to fare very well in scenarios requiring some diplomatic skills. If you disagree with anything Miss Wu says, she will proudly continue on her lonely way. Kim Wu is fearless, strong, intelligent, and destined for great things; she faces every challenge head-on and refuses to waver from her goals.


Kim Wu, a martial artist, trained in eastern philosophies, comes from the same family that expelled Eyedol and Gargos from their home world. That's why she's on a mission to wipe out Gargos to save her people from annihilation. As Gargos has returned, Kim Wu must do what is right for her homeland and destroy him once and for all.

She possesses superhuman physical characteristics, wielding a Nunchaku, blending Martial Arts with acrobatics, chi manipulation, and fire manipulation. Damage Boost enables her to perform super moves, which are enhanced versions of her special moves, and status effect inducement, which allows her to hit an opponent repeatedly and cause them to enter the "Dizzy/Stun" status, which leaves them unable to react. She can cause this status with a "Parry Move" as well.


Kim Wu sports a modern-day-looking appearance that mixes traditional Chinese fashion elements. She wears a short, black button-up vest which leaves her midriff exposed, with a magenta-colored cape with blue trim that features a single sleeve over the left arm, together with a fingerless glove on her left hand. Additionally, wears black compression shorts and a magenta martial arts belt bearing Chinese symbols and dons magenta footwear with golden buckles and black thigh-high socks that are something of a cross between boots and sandals. Kim Wu retains her red hair and ponytail but now has straighter bangs and features a rose-red and golden dragon tattoo that goes all the way down her right arm to her hand, and she also wears turquoise earrings. Her nunchaku is made of deep red wood and displays intricate gold ornaments which feature a Chinese dragon motif.

Key Information:

Age: 21

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 130 lbs

Race: Human

Weapon: Dragon Nunchaku

Availability: Season 3