Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct


An alien being composed of water and ice. After surviving a crash landing on Earth, he seeks to discover the mystery of forbidden technology for the sake of protecting the planet.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 8

  • Defense: 5

  • Mobility: 4

  • Range: 9



Alliance of Worlds is a powerful galactic organization that seeks to maintain a balance across the vastness of space. Glacius serves them as the galactic marshal, tracking down and eliminating those who have broken one of the “88 Decrees”. 

A strange distress signal catches Glacius’ attention. Reportedly, a heinous criminal’s ship suffered immense damage in a battle with galactic marshals and burned up during entry into the atmosphere. Despite the case being declared closed, Glacius sets out to investigate.

Upon approaching the planet, he is suddenly attacked with advanced weaponry that the native species should not possess. His ship suffers a crash landing in Antarctica, but Glacius manages to survive. Many questions immediately arise. Who attacked him? Why? How could they possess weaponry so advanced? Not only that, but while he was restoring his body, he noticed that a crucial competent of his ship was stolen, a dimensional fold power core that could cause significant problems if it got into the wrong hands.

Following a trail of clues, Glacius found himself in the Killer Instinct tournament. Despite knowing that he’s being manipulated, Glacius was confident enough in his fighting abilities to go through with it and make his way to whoever set him up. This path leads him to Sadira, who unexpectedly knows how to manipulate the fold core. Realizing the scale of this threat, Glacius dedicates himself entirely to tracking down the core and retrieving it before any damage is done.


If aliens exist, you want them to be like Glacius. As a galactic marshal, he has a deep sense of honor and justice. Things that drive him to protect others from overwhelming threats. Even though he doesn’t speak much, Glacius seems to approach every situation with composure and confidence that allows him to be efficient.


Glacius is very good at controlling space. He has a bouncing projectile that can be held and launched at an unusual angle. On top of that, he has unblockable spikes and far-reaching normals. When not simply keeping opponents out, it can be used to do creative setups and engage opponents at mid to close range, where Glacius remains strong.

His main shortcomings lie in just how clunky his movement is. While your projectiles might catch the opponent off-guard, your movement definitely won’t.  


Glacius is a very tall humanoid alien with four fingers on his arms and two toes on his legs. His face has two green eyes and insect-like mandibles. Since he’s composed largely of ice and water, his body has a white and blue shade with various ice protrusions throughout. Covering his whole body is a transparent suit that allows him to breathe and has pulsating circuitry all over it.

Key Information:

Age: Unknown

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable

Style: Zoning

Debut: Killer Instinct (1994)

Availability: Base roster