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Zero Suit Samus
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Zero Suit Samus27 %11

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Webb J., simply known as "WebbJP" is an American Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player. He mains Lucas but is working towards maining Zero Suit Samus as well.

Ranked 59th on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5, WebbJP has an overall set count of 74% and has defeated smashers like Benny&TheJets, Jut, and SKITTLES!!. He is a regular participant at events like DNA: Ultimate Season and Fusion: The Weekly.

WebbJP also competed in ssbu singles and placed 13th at The Olympus Online, 17th at The Cosmic Kerfuffle, 25th at Collision Online & Playing For Pride, 33rd at The Box, and 49th at Get On My Line 2020. He was disqualified from Lockhart Series.

At Fireside Open 2019, WebbJP ranked 33rd after being defeated by Mulldrifter in the winners quarterfinals and Cougy in losers quarterfinals of Pool A2.

Take a peek at WebbJP's Twitch channel here.