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  • Canada

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Charts based on the tournaments published on DF and the number of games a character was picked in.

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Diddy Kong
King K. Rool
Mr. Game & Watch
CharacterWin rateTotal usage
R.O.B.67 %6
Diddy Kong0 %2
King K. Rool100 %1
Mr. Game & Watch0 %1

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Eric "legit247" Vaughan is a Smash Bros. player from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

They competed in Emerald City II, Battle of BC, Rain City Smash, Don't Park on the Grass 2017-2018, Vancouver Battle Royale: Revival, Port Priority, Cascade 1-2, Emerald City 6, UBC Cup 2018, Underdogs 2018, UBC CUP 2019, The Pinnacle 2019, VORTEX, GOML 2020, The Box, Canada Cup Gaming, Smash World Tour NA Qualifier, Salt Flats 2021, and various smaller events.

You can find legit247 on Twitter and Twitch.