Glaze 20z

  • Roy Steffen
  • USA

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Roy Steffen, also known as "Glaze 20z," is an American skater and competitive gamer from Kansas City. He mains Eddie and Leroy with Noctis as secondary in Tekken 7.

Glaze 20z has also competed and placed 5th at MomoConline & TFC 2019, 9th at Kumite in Tennessee 2019, 33rd at CEO 2017, 49th at DreamHack Atlanta, 65th at Atlanta Battle Opera 2019, 129th at Tekken World Tour 2018 NA East Online, and 321st at EVO 2017.

At Bud Light Beer League Tekken East 1, he ranked 9th with 60% set wins after being defeated by Joey Fury and SiNNDrummer.

Take a peek at his Twitch channel where he streams Tekken 7 and other games like Ghosts of Tsushima.