• Adrian Szydlowski
  • Poland

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Adrian "Frizen" Szydlowski is a fighting game player from Poland who gained renown after battling his way to 3rd place in EVO 2021 Online - Tekken 7 EU East. He has also participated in the following tournaments:
  • 2021: ICFC EU SEASON 1 & 2, The Kombat Showdown - TRZECIA EDYCJA, Tey Fist Tournament Online (2nd),
  • 2020: Tekken 7 - Mistrzostwa Polski - Wielki Finał (7th).
  • 2019: Fighting Games Challenge 2019, Ruczaj Rumble: The Runback (1st), TWT - CLASH OF THE OLYMPIANS.
  • 2018: TEKKEN World Tour 2018 Online EU East.
  • 2017: VSFighting 2017 (13th in T7 & 25th in IJ2).