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Jacob "Craftis" Barrios is a Super Smash Bros player from North Providence, Rhode Island, United States with a main Sonic who in Wii U has wins over players such as Marss, Mr.E and DKwill.

Jacob Barrios is a Smash Esports Player and plays for the team ZZZZZ.

Craftis competed in Pandemic Anniversary Series: Finale! - $1000 Prize, Overclocked Ultimate II: New England Smash Ultimate Regional, Super Smash Con 2019, Shine 2019, Overclocked Ultimate III, Return to Subspace 3 - A New Era. They took the 1st place at Ultimate Cataclysm #2 and Battledome IV. In Ultimate Singles at Battledome V and Battledome 6 they finished at the 2nd place. So many times Jacob "Craftis" Barrios took the 5th place. It was at Push the Limit 8, World-8, Push The Limit 3, Return to Subspace 2 - When Worlds CollideCT Gamercon 3 Game Underground Tournaments, SYNTHESIS 24, Push The Limit 2, PCG Battledome III.

Jacob is also a pixel artist, game designer, lead dev and creator of 2d indie videogame Craftis Legasy

You can find Craftis on Twitch and Twitter.