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  • Christina Korsak
  • USA

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Birthday : Aug 30, 1988 (35)
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Christina "Chia" Korsak is a competitive gamer and commentator from America who owns CLASH Tournaments. She plays for and works as SEO Specialist for team Panda Global, SmashBros Director for ProGuides, and YouTube Manager for LiquidHbox.

Chia mains R.O.B. in SSBB and SSBU, Mii Gunner in SSB4, Samus in SSBM, and King Dedede in Project M. She is a regular participant at events like Fusion: The Weekly and DNA: Ultimate Season.

Chia has also competed in ssbu singles and placed at 13th at Smashadelphia Ultimate, 65th at Defend the North 2019, 129th at CEO Dreamland 2020, 257th at Frostbite 2020 and Let's Make Big Moves.

Check out Chia's Twitch stream here.

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