Bonchan: Career

  • Masato Takahashi
  • Red Bull eSports
  • Japan
Playing : 8+
Birthday : Mar 10, 1987 (34)
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MasatoBonchanTakahashi is a professional Street Fighter player from Japan, currently representing Red Bull eSports. He was born on March 10, 1987.

Before fighting games, Bonchan's job was mahjong. At some point, he started working at the same mahjong parlour as Daigo Umehara. Daigo wasn't active at that period in time, but Bonchan played a lot of SF and knew who he was. This led to them casually hanging out and playing Street Fighter and becoming friends. Daigo and his group of friends were surprised at how good Bonchan was at the game for a random acquaintance from a mahjong parlour. Eventually, he got fed up with mahjong and decided to step into professional gaming. Bonchan's playstyle is similar to his lifestyle. He's a calm, patient, and goal-oriented person. In real life that translated to him setting a goal for himself and working towards it with diligence and dedication. During the game, it shows in his defensive plays that seek to condition his opponent and calculated decisions that led to many impressive comebacks.

Some of his best performances include winning CEO 2019, Celtic Throwdown 2019, VSFighting 2019, and EVO 2019.

You can check out his YouTube channel and Twitter.