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Two Events of MegaVersus #5

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Two Events of MegaVersus #5
Pic Source: MegaVolx on Twitter
The league continues in Europe and North America

The competitive community has made an impressive effort to explore this new platformer fighter, and at this point, the MultiVersus tournaments have a flavor of maturity — we can see very interesting individual tricks and deep team interactions.

Sure, the game is still changing and growing, but both players and viewers have dug pretty deep to its competitive aspects. Such tournaments as the official Fall Showdown and the community-driven league MegaVersus sure make their contribution into establishing MultiVersus as a remarkable esports title. What do you think — will the game be able to compete decently with Smash?

Recently, we could witness the matches of MegaVersus #5 — in Europe and North America. Here are the VODs and the results.

MegaVersus #5 Europe | Stream, Top 4

The path of Vexuxe / JhinAry was filled with back-and-forth matches. First, their opponents, Nairod / DerHirte, had a tournament point in the Semi-Final, but Vexuxe and JhinAry still managed to win. Then, luck wasn’t on their side in the Grand Final, and Fantome1907 / MitsukenShin reset the bracket.

In the last match, both teams were super strong and deserved the victory. But Vexuxe / JhinAry performed just a little bit better. They are European Champions of MegaVersus #5. Congratulations!

The Champions played Arya Stark and Velma.

It’s the second victory for Vexuxe / JhinAry in this league — they already won MegaVersus #3 (which actually was first in Europe).

MegaVersus #5 North America | Stream, Top 8

zInsideout and Tymier had really tough fights against Jungle and Muah!. The first match of these teams was in the Winners Final, and zInsideout / Tymier won only in the last game. Then, Jungle / Muah! totally destroyed their opponents in the Grand Final, 3:0.

In the decisive match, zInsideout / Tymier were 0:2 down, but then they brought the fight to the last stock and won with a spectacular style.

The Champions played Wonder Woman and Iron Giant.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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