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The Iron Giant
Last updated :Mar 15, 2023

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant shines a light into one of humanity's greatest challenges, our natural fear of what we don't understand. But it also reflect on one of our greatest tools to combat it, our compassion, and curiosity.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 2

  • Weight: 9

  • Damage: 7

  • Ranged: 3

  • Support: 4

Patch Notes


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.
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A giant mechanical marvel of engineering crashlanded on Earth shortly after the launch of Sputnik. As it woke up in the wilderness of Maine, it was clear that whatever its purpose was, the Iron Giant had forgotten about it due to a dent in his skull. Soon Hogarth Hughes, a young local, would find the Giant and befriend him. Hogarth would impart many loyal, brave, and protective qualities into the Iron Giant, especially those of Hogarth's favorite hero, Superman.

The two would secretly meet and spend time together, though it would not last long. The Army was aware of the crash landing and searched for the machine. Believing the Iron Giant was a weapon, which in a sense he was, the Army attempted to stop him by attacking him, which only made his condition worsen. It got to the point that it would cause serious harm because the Army commanders demanded a nuclear weapon be used against the Iron Giant.


Although there is clearly a darker side to the Iron Giant, one made to kill and destroy as a weapon, it's clear that it's not the one he has chosen for himself. As the Iron Giant learned from Hogarth, his comics, and shows. Iron Giant began to see himself more and more as a force of good and justice.


To say the Iron Giant is a tank might be underselling this point just a little bit. He is, so far, the largest and heaviest character on the roster. To account for just how easy it is to land a hit on him, his gameplay mostly reliant on building armor to sustain hits while increasing his power."


The Iron Giant matte grey finish, on account of the alloy it is made of, shines bright. Much of his design was inspired by late 50s mechanical construction. Thanks to his relationship with Hogarth, the Giant would eventually fashion other metallic accessories, such as the "S" on his chest, a homage to Superman himself.

Key Information

Age: Unknown

Type: Tank

Weight: Massive

Style: Horizontal

Debut: August 1999, The Iron Giant

Franchise: The Iron Giant

Availability: Base Game, July 19th 2022

Cost: 3000 Gold or 700 Gleamium

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