TOC Japan will host a "battle" between Korea and Japan

Ilya Kravtsov
1 min
TOC Japan will host a "battle" between Korea and Japan
4 pairs of players from these countries will play against each other

In a few days, the last of this year's Tekken Online Challenge series begins. It will take place in Japan. The intrigue of this esports event is added by the fact that some of the best players from South Korea and Japan will play against each other.

Tekken 7 Online Challenge Japan vs Korea 5v5 exhibition:

Ao vs Chanel

Double vs LowHigh

Chikurin vs Rangchu

Nobi  vs Knee

GEN vs Ulsan

TOC Japan will be the last major Tekken 7 tournament in 2020. Join the stream on Saturday, Dec 5, 3:30 PM JST (Friday 10:30 PM PT).

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