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Street Fighter League US Week 7 Recap: Versus Vortex is the Threat

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Street Fighter League US Week 7 Recap
As the league season heads towards the playoffs, the question remains who is going to be top in NASR and Bandits

With the season hurtling towards a conclusion, the teams are jockeying for the best position. Bandits and NASR  continue their fight for top spot and with a match with Endemic who have been terrible so far is a chance to seal top spot. 

The matches today were as follows:

  • Endemic vs NASR
  • Red Rooster vs Bandits
  • UYU vs Versus Vortex



    Match Results

    • ChrisCCH (Ken) 0 - Punk (Cammy) 2
    • Reynald (JP) 2 - Big Bird (Marisa) 1
    • Samurai (Luke) 1 - Angrybird (Ken) 3

    Endemic got a win at least with Reynald defeating Big Bird. However, they lost their other matches and NASR were able to get 200 points. This leaves Endemic with only 55 points and no hope whatsoever of making the playoffs. It would seem that they have taken the role of UYU who were the perpetual whipping boys of the league in previous seasons. 

    In his winners'  interview, Angrybird stated that the team is playing at 100% to ensure they make top spot and get an automatic spot in the Grand Final which will give them a very good chance of making the SFL World Championship. So far, NASR have been unable to play in this due to Capcom Cup not holding in a number of years, so the team is desparate to get in this time. 

    Final Scores

    Endemic (10) vs NASR Esports (30)



    Match Results

    • Mono (Dee Jay) 0 - Caba (Guile) 2
    • PR Balrog (Juri) 2 - Xiaohai (Ken) 0
    • Bananaken (JP) 2 - MenaRD (Luke/Blanka) 3

    With NASR's win, Bandits needed a win, but Red Rooster is not a  pushover team especially with Bananaken in the team. Xiaohai, after a very eventful week was the weak link again this week as he lost to PR Balrog. 

    Bananaken has been the bread winner for his team so far and he was really close to defeating Mena having gone two games up, but the two-time Capcom Cup champion showed his credentials again by winning three straight games to win the set. He stated later that he was never doubtful that he would get the win and now, Bandits sit in second spot with 170  points. 

    Final Scores

    Red Rooster (10) vs Bandits (30)



    Match Results

    • Dual Kevin (Luke) 1 - Xian (Dee Jay) 2
    • Vxbao (JP) 0 - DCQ (JP) 2
    • NuckleDu (Guile) 2 - NL (Luke) 3

    Versus Vortex were on a rampage as they got a 40-0 win against UYU who all the members of Versus Vortex used to be a part of. After winning their first two matches, Versus Vortex had to face NuckleDu who is one of the best players in the world which is always a tough ask. NL was the man given the job and he did it well. While NuckleDu came close to  pulling off a comeback, NL was the ultimate winner. 

    This moves Versus Vortex into second spot above Bandits and with three matches left, the final games are set to be a bloodbath. UYU are not out of the running yet, but it just got a lot harder and they'll need to win as many games as possible. 

    Final Scores

    UYU (0) vs Versus Vortex (40)


    Rank Team Scores
    1 NASR 200
    2 Versus Vortex 180
    3 Bandits  170
    4 Red Rooster 140
    5 UYU  130 
    6 Endemic 55

    The next matches are going to be

    • UYU vs Bandits
    • Versus Vortex vs Endemic
    • NASR vs Red  Rooster

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