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Street Fighter League EU Drops Official Trailer, Lineups

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Street Fighter League EU Drops Official Trailer
The newest league from Capcom will be coming this October with a stellar cast

Street Fighter League Japan is already on game week 3, and SFL US is set to start on the 7th of October which means the schedule is becoming hectic as a Street Fighter esports watcher. But more is always better, right? That is why the announcement of the commencement of a Street Fighter League Europe has been met with such excitement. 

Earlier today, the first trailer dropped for Street Fighter League EU and we got a glimpse of some of the players we'll get to watch for the series. 

SFL EU trailer

The EU version of SFL was initially teased when the trailer for the other leagues dropped, but now we are certain it is happening and have even gotten a look at all the teams and players involved.

In the short, one-minute video, it was announced that there would be six teams with four players on each team. The makeup of the team was also put on display and we saw two British teams, two French teams, one Nordic/Baltic team, and a team made up of a combination of players from Spain, Germany, the Netherland, and Belgium. We'll have a breakdown of each team below.

Team Mouz

Reason Gaming

Team Go


Team Wild Blast

Zero Zero Nation

The league will start in October, but it is unknown what format it will take. The SFL is different in the US compared to Japan. While the former features six teams, the latter has eight. We have also seen some differences in the rules. With the EU featuring six teams, it is possible the league will closely resemble the American version. It is also unknown if the league will be streamed live like Japan or pre-recorded like the USA

In a tweet by Capcom Fighters, we also got an exact date for the start of the league— 10th October 2022

More details on the league will be released on the official Street Fighter League EU website, which will be launched soon. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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