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Street Fighter 5: Ryu Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: Ryu Guide - Combos and Move List

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He is an Eternal Wanderer and he is still on his way to perfection in virtual martial arts.

If someone ever becomes even slightly interested in the Street Fighter game series, they have very good chances to come across this character. Ryu is the face and probably even the heart of this franchise. His story represents the spirit of SF, and many beginners like to take Ryu to their fights.

Alas, Ryu is not the best choice in Street Fighter V and previous games. He is charismatic all right, but his abilities could be much better. Many professional players place Ryu in the low groups of their SFV Tier Lists.

Still, Ryu has a nice advantage - he is really a nice choice for beginners to get to know the fights better, learn its basic mechanics, and then choose another character for moving deeper into the game. 

It would be interesting to take a closer look at Ryu moveset to make your experience with this guy more effective. And who knows, maybe you’ll decide to stick to him.

Street Fighter V Ryu character introduction


Eternal Wanderer

The tradition of Ryu moves started from the very first game of the series (the same as with his best friend Ken). Of course, the Ryu move list changed since then - the franchise and the whole fighting games genre evolved significantly. Still, some distinguishing features of this guy are the same, such as his Hadouken combo. Fans of the franchise can easily feel that they play Ryu in each installment - Super Street Fighter Ryu combos are genuinely the same as in an Ultra Street Fighter game or in another updated version.

Ryu is a Japanese guy who has been practicing martial arts for years. He wants to reach his personal best level and regularly participates in the global tournaments (it’s a very good basis for Street Fighter esports events). In the first games, the game story was only about this tournament. Players face a series of opponents from all over the world and try to defeat them all. The same approach can be found in the Arcade Mode of Street Fighter V.

Game developers from Capcom add Ryu to each Street Fighter game but they never make him too powerful. Probably it’s a way to emphasize his eternal search for perfection - Ryu always has something to learn.


Ryu move list in Street Fighter V

In comparison to such huge characters as Zangief, Ryu looks small. But this is an illusion. The guy is similar in size even to Akuma. 

His general characteristics are rather average:

  • Power - 4 out of 5
  • Health - 3 out of 5
  • Mobility - 3 out of 5
  • Technique - 3 out of 5
  • Range - 2 out of 5

The light Ryu attacks are not very powerful and work rather as a distraction or a combo starter. Middle and Heavy Punches will be even better for starting mighty Street Fighter 5 Ryu combos.

The biggest strength for the players is Ryu Hadouken. Learn how to perform it properly and use it from a mid-range distance. This special move has a few versions.

Street Fighter V Ryu official Character Guide


Basic attacks - Street Fighter 5 Ryu moves

  • Light Punch is very fast in the standing position. Crouching Light Punch is a bit slower but it reaches farther. With the jumping Light Punch, Ryu can stop jumping attacks.
  • Medium Punch is a good combo starter from the standing position. Crouching Medium Punch covers a big distance.
  • Heavy Punches deal significant damage, so players use them a lot. Crouching Heavy Punch is a very good Ryu upper cut.
  • Light Kicks are often more preferable in comparison to light punches. These Ryu Street Fighter moves are the same fast but you can reach opponents in a slightly bigger distance and deal a bit more damage. 
  • Medium Kicks are quite effective but they are also risky (especially in the standing position). Such a Street Fighter Ryu move can be easily canceled by the opponent. But crouching Medium Kick is good for canceling the opponent’s special attacks.
  • Heavy Kick from the crouching position is relatively fast but can be blocked with bad sequences for Ryu. Jumping Heavy Kick is one of the most effective Street Fighter Ryu moves in the air.


Unique moves - Ryu combos

  • Collarbone Breaker - press Forward and Medium Punch. Use this SFV Ryu combo to reach blocking crouching opponents. Ryu hits with his fists from above.
  • Solar Plexus Strike - press Forward and Heavy Punch. Two mighty hits in the middle of the body.
  • Axe Kick - press Back and Heavy Kick. This Ryu combo activates a high hit with a fast drop of the foot on the opponent.
  • Jodan Nirengeki - press Heavy Punch and then Heavy Kick. It’s a strong series of attacks to use on a standing opponent.
  • Jodan Sanrengeki - press Medium Punch, Heavy Punch, and then Heavy Kick. This is one of the most effective Ryu Street Fighter combos, a slightly longer version of Jodan Nirengeki.


Ryu Special Moves in Street Fighter V

  • Hadoken is one of the best Street Fighter Ryu combos, and many players recommend it as the primary offensive tool in a fight. Make a quarter circle by the stick and press Punch. Ryu shoots a fireball.
  • Shoryuken - make a z-like movement by the stick and press Punch. It’s a strong Ryu uppercut.
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku - make a quarter circle by the stick and press Kick. Ryu jumps a bit and starts spinning with his foot ready to attack anyone on the way. With such Street Fighter V Ryu combos, you easily reach a distant opponent.
  • Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku - this special move or Ryu is very similar to the usual Tatsumaki Senpukyaku but the fighter performs it in the air and only during V-Trigger.


V-Actions of Ryu SFV

  • V-Skill - Mind's Eye. Press Medium Punch and Kick to parry an attack. Ryu looks inside, catching a moment of peace (which is probably a rare occasion for a fighter).
  • V-Trigger - Denjin Renki. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. Energy fills the body of Ryu, so special moves become more effective.
  • V-Reversal - Hashogeki. Press forward and three Punches. Perform this move and Ryu will shoot a very quick fireball


Ryu Special Arts

  • Shinku Hadoken - make a quarter circle by the stick two times and press Punch. This will be a super powerful Hadoken. It’s big and hits twice.
  • Denjin Hadoken - activate it in the same way as Shinku Hadoken but during V-Trigger. It's an even more powerful version.

Street Fighter 5 Ryu Combos

The best way to practice the Street Fighter move list of any character is to delve into the game and start using your theoretical knowledge in practice. Don’t try to remember everything at once. Choose one thing and practice it in the Arcade Mode. Visit the Trials section of the Challenge Mode regularly to practice with no pressure of a fight. Then use your new skills in multiplayer to improve your SFV online rank.

Visit DashFight for articles on other characters. We recommend beginners in this amazing game to take a look at our Street Fighter V Guide.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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