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Street Fighter 5: Blanka Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: Blanka Guide - Combos and Move List

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He is wild and mighty. Would you be able to control such an explosive mix?

The very appearance of this Street Fighter V character resembles a powerful beast, ready to tear apart his opponents. In fact, Street Fighter 5 Blanka really is a feral man from Brazil who can produce electricity. He knows how to survive in the jungle among dangerous animals. And he certainly has strong attacks to destroy opponents on the virtual fighting ground.

Many players like Blanka - partly because of his unique personality and partly because Yoshinori Ono, the former producers of the fighting game series, made this fighter his personal mascot.

In a way, the style of Blanka reminds other mighty men in Street Fighter 5, such as Zangief and Akuma

Warrior of the Amazon

A long time ago, a boy named Jimmy flew over Brazil, but the plane crashed in a dense Amazon jungle. Jimmy disappeared forever - in struggles to survive, he was transformed into Blanka. After a while, the guy returned to civilization and became friends with Sakura and Den.

The experience in the Amazon forest did not make Blanka evil. Usually, he is calm, but quite often, emotions take control over him, and he attacks the opponents furiously.

It was difficult for Blanka to live in a town, so he decided to travel the world and participate in a big fighting tournament - to find his perfect place and get recognized by other people.

Blanka Street Fighter 5

First, this character appeared in Street Fighter 2, the best SF game so far. Then, players got him in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and in Street Fighter IV.

The initial release of Street Fighter V had 16 characters - Blanka was added only in the Arcade Edition

SF5 Blanka is mostly the same jungle guy, green-skinned after his long life among trees and able to produce electricity thanks to his contacts with electric eels. Street Fighter 5 moves are based on his furious mood and electric attacks.

He is very fast and deals significant damage. You may need some practice to take the best from the basic attacks of Blanka and his chargeable specials. In general, Blanka is not too difficult even for beginners, but a prior practice with other characters (such as Guile) can be very helpful.

Basic attacks - Street Fighter Blanka moves

  • Light Punch is short ranged and doesn’t deal big damage.
  • Medium Punch is much more effective and still remains quite fast.
  • Heavy Punch is powerful but takes a long time to actually hit the opponent. While jumping, it’s a hit with two hands.
  • Light Kick of Blanka SF5 is a bit similar to his Light Punch, it’s the same quick and relatively weak hit.
  • Medium Kick is surprisingly impressive. Blanka hits the victim with both knees. From the crouching position, it’s a low kick
  • Heavy Kick is a two-feet hit with a somersault. If Blanka is crouching, this attack becomes a low swipe. Jumping Heavy Kick also hits with both feet. It would be a good idea to practice this Street Fighter 5 moves PS4 and PC in the Training Mode.

Unique attacks of Blanka SFV

  • Rock Crusher - press Forward and Medium Punch. This is a strong hit with the head.
  • Amazon River Run - press diagonally forward/down and Heavy Punch. Blanka performs a low jump and hits the legs of his opponent.
  • Raging Bash - Medium Kick, then Heavy Kick, and then Heavy Punch. It’s a quick and effective series of attacks.
  • Lightning Dance - Medium Kick, then Heavy Kick, and then Medium Punch/Kick
  • Surprise Forward - press Forward and three Kicks (can be performed with Coward Crouch). It’s a quick jump forward.
  • Surprise Back - press Back and three Kicks (can be performed with Coward Crouch). It’s a quick jump backward.

Special moves - Street Fighter 5 move list for Blanka

  • Rolling Attack - press back/forward and any Punch. Blanks rolls and hits the opponent.
  • Back Step Rolling - press back/forward and any Kick. First, Blanka performs a backward jump and then starts rolling.
  • Vertical Rolling - down-up and any Kick. This is rolling with up-down movements.
  • Wild Hunt - make a half-circle movement with the left stick and press any Punch. Blanka jumps on the opponent and starts hitting them with two hands.
  • Electric Thunder - rapid pressing of any Punch. Electricity from the body of Blanka damages the opponent on the close distance.
  • Ground Shave Rolling - press Heavy Punch and Kick. Blanka rolls on the ground and hits the opponents a few times, damaging them with electricity.
  • Rolling Cannon - combine Ground Shave Rolling with back-forward movements. Blanka rolls and hits the opponent in different directions

V-System - Blanka moves

  • V-Skill I - Coward Crouch. Press Medium Punch and Kick. Blanka falls on the ground and avoids attacks.
  • V-Skill I - Wild Lift. Perform Coward Crouch and press any Punch. It’s a powerful hit that launches the victim in the air.
  • V-Skill I - Raid Jump. Perform Coward Crouch and press any Kick. This is a good trick to jump close to the opponent.
  • V-Skill II - Shout of Earth. Press Medium Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger I - Jungle Dynamo. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. Blanka fills his body with electricity.
  • V-Trigger II - Lightning Beast. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. Blanka gets a splash of electrical energy.
  • V-Reversal - Quick Rolling. During guard, press Forward and three Punches. It’s a very quick response to the opponent’s attack.

Blanka Critical Art - Street Fighter 5 move set

  • Dynamic Rolling - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick twice and press any Punch. Blanka rolls and damages the opponent with electricity.

Attacks and moves of Blanka don’t seem very complicated - they are rather straightforward, and this conveys the nature of the character quite well. Still, some attacks require control of this guy exceptionally well. Some players find it’s easier to control Blanka through a special fighting controller - for activating PS4 Street Fighter 5 moves on the DualShock 4, you need some precise actions.

If you need helpful info in the game basics. Take a look at our Street Fighter V guide for Beginners.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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