Street Fighter 5: Akuma Guide - Combos and Move List

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Street Fighter 5: Akuma Guide - Combos and Move List
Discover the basic info on Master of the Fist and get many victories in this fighting game

Who is more powerful in Street Fighter V than Akuma? Ok, most characters in this game are pretty strong, but Akuma is one of the most impressive guys. His very appearance radiates confidence and might. And you can play SF5 quite successfully with him if only you put enough effort into learning many Akuma moves and combos.

Check out this SFV Akuma guide on DashFight and boost your progress in the game! Practice Akuma combos in various matches and you’ll definitely get a decent Street Fighter 5 online rank.

Master of the Fist

The first appearance of Akuma in the Street Fighter series was in 1994, with the game Super Street Fighter II Turbo, where he was a hidden boss (please, get this right, it’s not like he was hiding cowardly, no-no-no - we don’t need any problems with Akuma, you know). 

This character took his especially powerful form of Shin Akuma, or True Great Demon, to be a hidden boss again in the following games:

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Ultra Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact 

A bit later, the same Shin Akuma made his guest appearance in the fighting game of another developer - he is part of the roster in Tekken 7

As a playable character, Akuma is available in Street Fighter IV. He was added to Street Fighter V with the Season 2 DLC.

Akuma is super dedicated to training - like Ryu. But unlike Ryu, Akuma succeeded on this path quite significantly. To reach the level of perfection, he even uses the dark energy Satsui no Hado that can take control over a human’s mind.

Akuma is also known as Master of the Fist.

Akuma Street Fighter 5 move list

In the game, Akuma is quite a muscled fighter but not as big as Zangief. He looks calm, emotionless, and this approach nicely represents his fighting style - less chaos on the fighting ground and more precise Street Fighter 5 Akuma moves.


Basic attacks - SFV Akuma move list

  • Light Punch in the standing position is very fast. Akuma hits the opponent twice with the left fist. Crouching Light Punch is slightly longer. It’s a good attack to start SFV Akuma combos.
  • Medium Punch covers a bigger distance than the Light one and it’s a bit more powerful.
  • Heavy Punch is quite effective on a big distance. With the Crush Counter, it launches the victim into the air. Crouching Heavy Punch is good for Akuma combos SFV - for example, with the following Medium Kick. From the crouching position, Heavy Punch keeps the opponent standing after the Crush Counter. This attack is also effective in the jumping action.
  • Light Kick is rather slow in comparison to Light Punch, but it covers a bigger distance. From the crouching position, this attack can be followed by the standing Light Punch.
  • Medium Kick is a strong hit by the knee. Players use it in Street Fighter 5 Akuma combos quite often. From the crouching position, this attack is not so impressive. Often it is canceled into Gohadoken. 
  • Heavy Kick is super powerful. It is more effective with the Crush Counter that can be easily followed by a combo. From the crouching position, Heavy Kick of Akuma knocks down the victim.


Unique attacks - Akuma move list

  • Tenmakujinkyaku - during Forward Jump, press Down and Medium Kick
  • Zugaihasatsu - to do this attack from the Akuma movelist, press Forward and Medium Punch
  • Tenha - press Back and Hard Punch
  • Sekiseiken - Forward and Hard Punch
  • Kongoken - it’s an Akuma combo, two Hard Punches linked
  • Kikokurenzan - two Hard Kicks linked


Special moves - Street Fighter Akuma moves

Akuma special move list is big, so learn it gradually, practicing each attack enough to remember its features and use it freely in offline fights. Another Street Fighter character with many special moves is Seth.

  • Gohadoken - make a quarter circle by the stick and press any Punch
  • Sekia Goshoha - make a half-circle by the stick and press any Punch
  • Zanku Hadoken - perform Gohadoken during the Forward Jump
  • Goshoryuken - make a Z-like movement by the stick and press any Punch
  • Tatsumaki Zankukyaku - make a quarter circle by the stick and press any Kick
  • Airborne Tatsumaki Zankukyaku - perform Tatsumaki Zankukyaku during the Forward Jump
  • Ashura Senku - to perform this Akuma special move make a Z-like movement by the stick and press three Kicks
  • Hyakkishu - make a half-circle by the stick and press any Kick
  • Hyakki Gozan - make a half-circle by the stick, press any Kick, and then press nothing
  • Hyakki Gosho - make a half-circle by the stick and press any Kick and then any Punch
  • Hyakki Gojin - make a half-circle by the stick and press any Kick twice
  • Hyakki Gosai - perform Hyakkishu and then, when Akuma is near the opponent, press Light Punch and Kick 
  • Hyakki Gozanku - for this Akuma special, perform Hyakkishu with two Kicks and then Gohadoken
  • Hyakki Gorasen - perform Hyakkishu with two Kicks and then Goshoryuken


V-System - Street Fighter V Akuma move list

  • V-Skill I - Rakan. From the standing or crouching position, press Medium Punch and Kick
  • V-Skill I - Rakan Gosho. Press any Punch while performing Rakan
  • V-Skill I - Rakan Gokyaku. Press any Kick while performing Rakan
  • V-Skill II - Kiai. Press Medium Punch and Kick
  • V-Skill II - Sekia Goshoha. Perform Kiai and Sekia Goshoha
  • V-Trigger I - Donatu Shoten. Press Hard Punch and Kick
  • V-Trigger II - Shiretsu Hasshi. This attack from Akuma moves list can be activated in the same way as Donatu Shoten, so press Hard Punch and Kick
  • V-Reversal - Gosenkyaku. While guarding, press Forward and three Kicks


Akuma critical art

  • Sekia Kuretsuha - make a quarter circle by the stick and press any Punch
  • Shun Goku Satsu - Light Punch two times, Forward, Licht Kick, and Hard Punch (with V-Trigger)

As you can see, Akuma move list Street Fighter 5 is vast - but don't get scared! Many attacks use very similar patterns, so if you learn them one by one and put enough effort into practicing, you’ll easily use them in your fights.

The strength of Akuma is mostly based on well-performed combos. Try to experiment with various moves following each other. With enough dedication, you can even master Shun Goku Satsu input - the legendary series of attacks that happens with darkness covering the fighters. It will be a super impressive Akuma finishing move.

But before delving into such difficult techniques, you should properly develop the basic skills. Our Street Fighter V Guide for Beginners will be very helpful.

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