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Smash Ultimate: Piranha Plant Guide - Combos and Move List

Smash Ultimate: Piranha Plant Guide - Combos and Move List

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It tasted something delicious in the Super Mario games, so now Piranha Plant is ready for more...

You can meet all sorts of gaming characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Some of them are quite… normal (of course, if you can call normal a blue hedgehog that runs faster than sound or a girl with extendable arms). But a few fighters in this game are especially weird - like a black 2D figure in the colorful 3D world or square-headed people that can’t bend their legs. Piranha Plant is probably the most unusual one. Can you imagine a plant from your windowsill decides to become a fighter and kicks asses everyone who doubts its skills?

Nintendo is known for their super awesome games and characters - with SSBU as a quintessence of this awesomeness. Everyone is here! You can check out the full list of fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And if you are brave enough, continue reading this guide and get some helpful info on Piranha Plant (it has sharp teeth and can bite - we have warned you).

Horror of the Mushroom Kingdom

You know Piranha Plant if you ever played a Super Mario game. And you may even remember that feeling of meeting it for the first time - you jump onto a safe-looking tube but at the last moment something starts crawling up from the inside and then it just eats your Mario or Luigi). Terrifying, isn’t it?

In those platformers, players understand how to deal with Piranha Plant quite soon, so this danger becomes not that horrible (maybe, it’s one of the simplest minions of Bowser). And still, the plant remains one of the most iconic creations of the whole gaming culture. Of course, such a creepy thing has the power to join the fighting game roster!

Piranha Plant is also present in the game Link’s Awakening and Yoshi games.

Piranha Plant SSBU

We’ve been enjoying characters from the Super Mario universe since the release of the very first Super Smash Bros. game. They are present in each installment of the series, but poor Piranha Plant couldn’t join its friends (or mostly enemies) until SSBU. And even then, Masahiro Sakurai gave green light to Piranha Plant in Smash Bros. Ultimate only as a DLC fighter.

How to get Piranha Plant in Smash?

Piranha Plant Smash is available on Nintendo eShop for $4.99. 

Everyone who bought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before January 31, 2019, could unlock Piranha Plant Smash for free. It was possible to redeem your code until June 2019.

SSBU Piranha Plant guide

This fighter has a heavyweight (of course, Piranha Plant comes with a big pot). It’s not very good in movements but has a very decent anti-air protection.

Piranha Plant can only hobble on the platform, so for reaching opponents, it has learned how to extend the stalk and hit with the pot. The biting flower of the plant is exchangeable - you can choose something more effective in different game situations. To attack from an even bigger distance, Piranha Plant SSBU can even throw heavy spiked balls.

Basic Attacks - Smash Ultimate Piranha Plant guide

  • Jab - it’s a series of very quick hits with the leaves and the flower. If you press the A button rapidly, Piranha Plant attacks like crazy with a bite as a finisher.
  • Dash Attack - the fighter approaches the opponent and then makes a quick powerful pot hit.
  • Forward Tilt - Piranha Plant bends towards the opponent and bites them.
  • Up Tilt is an upward headbutt.
  • Down Tilt - the SSBU fighter attacks with the leaf.

Piranha Plant SSBU Air Attacks 

  • Neutral Air - Piranha Plant spins its leaves.
  • Forward Air is a pot hit in the air.
  • Back Air - it’s a fire breath. The damage from this air attack is quite significant but its speed is not the best.
  • Up Air - Piranha Plant makes a hit with the head.
  • Down Air is a downwards hit by the pot.

Throws of Smash Ultimate Piranha Plant

  • Grab - Piranha Plant uses its leaf.
  • Forward Throw is a straight hit with the head.
  • Back Throw - the plant uses teeth to hold the opponents and throw them backward.
  • Up Throw - Piranha Plant grabs the opponent and throws them upwards (hits by the flower head).
  • Down Throw - the fighter throws the victim onto the ground and then bites them.

Special Attacks of Piranha Plant in SSBU

  • Neutral Special - Ptooie. Piranha Plant spits a spiked ball. You can hold it in the air (the fighter blows somehow) and then throw it right or left. Pay attention to the height at which the ball is floating. If it’s low, you throw it at a big distance. If it’s high, Piranha Plant can attack close standing opponents.
  • Side Special - Poison Breath. A poison mist appears on the stage and slowly floats towards the opponent. It’s more dangerous if you charge the attack.
  • Up Special - Piranhacopter. It’s a recovery option for the Piranha Plant. It spins the leaves and thus flies. Leaves can even damage opponents.
  • Down Special - Long-Stem Strike. First, Piranha Plant hides in the pot (where it can gain the energy for this attack), and then it shoots towards the opponent and bites them.

Piranha Plant Smash Attacks in SSBU

  • Forward Smash - Piranha Plant changes its flower and makes a dangerous swing. For this attack, the head becomes similar to a spiked ball, and it makes a very powerful hit that launches opponents into the air with the chance to cause KO on a high percentage.
  • Up Smash is a bite, directed upwards. Stay close to the victim to launch them into the air and start a combo.
  • Down Smash - it’s a quick swipe with the pot. It affects opponents from both sides.

Final Smash of Piranha Plant SSBU

  • Petey Piranha - a huge relative of the Piranha Plant enters the stage. It has cages on the leaves, and opponents risk to get hit by one and get trapped inside. At the end of Final Smash, fighters in cages are thrown down and launched into the air.

Piranha Plant is a very interesting fighter with quite effective attacks in its move set. Consider playing it in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - at least, you will have a lot of fun! For beginners in the game, we recommend taking a look at our guide on How to Play SSBU.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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